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Organización de empleadores profesionales (PEO, por sus siglas en inglés)

Our most complete HR outsourcing solution, Paychex PEO leverages economies of scale, making top-tier benefits more affordable. We’re the only PEO that assigns you a dedicated HR professional to offer solutions for managing your people, money, and productivity.

What do Paychex PEO Services Provide?

Our PEO plans offer a range of services, from recruiting to retirement planning, including:

  • Effective recommendations from a dedicated HR professional
  • Seguro médico grupal
  • Health benefit accounts (FSA, HSA, HRA)
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Seguro de compensación de los trabajadores
  • Procesamiento de nómina
  • Tiempo y asistencia
  • Administración de beneficios para empleados
  • Recruiting services
  • Employee performance management
  • Workplace risk management expertise
  • Learning management system and training offerings
  • Planes de seguro.
  • Administración del seguro estatal de desempleo (SUI).
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Seguro de responsabilidad para prácticas laborales (EPLI)
  • Seguro de responsabilidad cibernética

Why Paychex PEO Services are Right for Your Business

Reciba servicio de expertos

Our HR professionals proactively address key areas of risk, helping ease your concerns about employee relations and accommodations, terminations, and other employee-workplace issues.

Integre nómina, recursos humanos y beneficios con Paychex Flex®

Our integrated HR technology and service platform makes it easier to manage the employee experience—from onboarding to retirement—across your entire organization.

Evite acuerdos de duración del servicio

Unlike other PEO providers, there are no penalties if you need to cancel your service. We trust you’ll be pleased with our PEO flexibility and expertise.

Reciba facturación detallada

Paychex realiza auditorías que controlan hasta el último centavo y detalla los costos claramente en cada factura, por lo que no hay sorpresas.

Trabaje con representantes de seguridad

A proper safety program may help limit regulatory penalties. If you have workers’ compensation insurance through a Paychex PEO offering, you’ll have a dedicated safety representative to help you with OSHA regulations.

Tecnología de recursos humanos y orientación de expertos

¿Qué es una Organización de Empleadores Profesionales?

A PEO is an HR services provider that allows you to manage your day-to-day business while gaining access to employee benefits and HR expertise your business might not otherwise be able to afford.

Using this model, many businesses group together to gain the buying power normally associated with large corporations and secure a complete portfolio of employee benefits and HR expertise for all of its members.

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9+ Customer Satisfaction Rating

Our HR professionals have a 96% satisfaction rating for providing exceptional customer service and guidance.*

HR consultant talking with a client

Payroll, HR, keeping up with the changing IRS rules; these are things that are critical to making our business hum … Not having to invest in the back office means we can put our resources into our core business.

Neil Silverstein
President and CEO
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