Un lector de tarjetas de crédito para el procesamiento de pagos

Servicios y soluciones de procesamiento de pagos 

Just as your business is unique, so are your payment processing needs. If you’re not accepting credit or debit cards, you could be losing nearly two-thirds of your potential customer base. Paychex has solutions with the latest technology to customize your payment processing — and with no surprises, no long-term contracts, and no cancellation fees.

Qué gana con los servicios de procesamiento de pagos 

Obtendrá el procesamiento de pagos fácil y eficiente que necesita para impulsar su negocio.

  • Soluciones de punto de venta (POS).
  • Procesamiento de tarjetas de crédito y débito.
  • Servicios de pago en línea.
  • Procesamiento de pagos ACH y cheque electrónico.  
  • Optimización del intercambio.
  • Precios transparentes.
  • Recordatorios de cumplimiento de la PCI.
  • Opciones de financiación para el día siguiente, el mismo día y en tiempo real.   

Opciones de procesamiento de pagos

Usted conoce su negocio y sus clientes, así que elegir el servicio de procesamiento de pagos que funcione mejor para ambos lo beneficiará a largo plazo.

Procesamiento de tarjetas de crédito 

Think major credit cards — Discover®, Visa, MasterCard® — and beyond just credit cards. Serve more of your customers with a system that does more, including accepting EMV “chip” cards and gift cards, plus has options to add surcharges to credit card payments so you get 100% of the sale. Expand your customer base with dynamic currency conversion, which provides a receipt to international customers with the purchase in U.S. dollars, the conversion rate, and the cardholder’s home currency amount.

Procesamiento de pagos en línea 

Clear off counter space at work by making your PC a payment processing terminal. With CardPointe and Converge gateways you can accept credit/debit cards, eChecks, and gift cards – and you can do it in person, on the phone, and online. And with our mobile payment processing solution, you can process from iPhone, iPad®, and Android™ devices.

Procesamiento de pagos con ACH y eCheck 

There are people who don’t have or use credit cards. Why not tap into that potential customer base by offering Automated Clearing House (ACH) and electronic (eCheck) processing? You can save money since this processing cost nearly half of credit card processing, get paid quicker with same-day settlement, and boost customer satisfaction by making it easier for a wider base to purchase your goods and services.

Do more with your POS

Acepte pagos con tarjeta de crédito Un sistema moderno de punto de venta puede ayudar a aumentar la eficiencia, administrar a sus empleados con la precisión de un reloj, tomar mejores decisiones a través de los datos (ventas, inventario) e interactuar con los clientes a través de correos electrónicos automatizados.

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Preguntas frecuentes sobre el procesamiento de pagos de Paychex

  • ¿Qué es el procesamiento de pagos?

    ¿Qué es el procesamiento de pagos?

    Payment processing is the automation of transactions between a customer and a business. The most common form of payment methods are credit and debit cards, but ACH, eCheck, gift cards, and other types of payment options are all considered part of what is now known as “payment processing” services, also know as Merchant Services.

  • ¿Cómo aceptan los pagos las pequeñas empresas?

    ¿Cómo aceptan los pagos las pequeñas empresas?

    Businesses can accept payments in variety of ways: credit cards, debit cards, automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, eChecks, gift cards, and more. They can do this through the use of a Point of Sale (POS) system or by using payment processing software on a computer or mobile device.

  • ¿Cómo puedo evitar los gastos de procesamiento de pagos?

    ¿Cómo puedo evitar los gastos de procesamiento de pagos?

    Paychex offers a comprehensive surcharging solution that applies a fee to customers using a credit card for their payment, so the business receives 100 percent of the sale. Also, Intelligent Rate for Government and Education calculates the cost of the card and prices the service fee in proportion to what the transaction will actually cost.

  • ¿Cuán seguras son las soluciones de procesamiento de pagos de Paychex?

    ¿Cuán seguras son las soluciones de procesamiento de pagos de Paychex?

    Paychex provides the latest EMV-ready terminals protected by point-to-point encryption (P2PE). Our payments security solutions can help defend your sensitive card payment information with EMV, encryption, and tokenization that authenticate cardholder identity and make data virtually useless to fraudsters. Utilizing these solutions can help reduce the time spent on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance.