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Commercial and Business Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance starts where other policies end, keeping your out-of-pocket costs manageable. A cost-effective commercial umbrella policy can extend the limits of your general business liability, commercial auto coverage, and other business insurance policies.

Extra Coverage for a Rainy Day

At Paychex Insurance Agency, our licensed agents are skilled at identifying umbrella policies that extend your liability coverage limits where your business needs it most.

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Configurar su seguro de vehículo comercial es sencillo con Paychex

Protection for your business assets

Get coverage for your building and equipment that exceeds your normal liability coverage limits.

Commercial umbrella insurance for all types of businesses

Whether your business is solely online, brick-and-mortar, or a combination of both — and no matter what your size — Paychex Insurance Agency can help you find the right umbrella policy.

Umbrella policies from top carriers

We partner with top-tier national and regional insurance carriers to provide umbrella insurance policies tailored to your business plan and budget.

Un lugar para todas sus soluciones de seguros

As a top 25 insurance agency*, we’re your single stop for property and casualty, health and benefits, and benefits administration. Find out more about what Paychex Insurance Agency can offer you, your business, and your employees.

Umbrella Insurance FAQ

  • What is commercial umbrella coverage?

    What is commercial umbrella coverage?

    Commercial umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of liability protection that covers costs beyond a business’ other liability coverage limits—making up the difference in the shortfall when the original liability coverage limits have been reached

  • What does a commercial umbrella policy cover?

    What does a commercial umbrella policy cover?

    Commercial umbrella insurance covers the same types of costs as business liability insurance, including medical expenses, attorney fees and damages stemming from a lawsuit.

  • Why do I need a commercial umbrella policy?

    Why do I need a commercial umbrella policy?

    Many business owners find that they need extra coverage beyond the limits of their General Liability Insurance policy, protecting them against crippling out-of-pocket expenses and maintaining operations. For a single premium, a commercial umbrella policy expands coverage limits across of wide range of business operations and associated risks.

  • How much does a commercial umbrella policy cost?

    How much does a commercial umbrella policy cost?

    As no two businesses are exactly alike, there is a wide range of pricing in commercial umbrella insurance. This accounts for the fact that there are a variety of risks that each company faces. The amount of insurance required is also a significant factor. Talk with the experts at Paychex to find the right policy at the right price to fit your business’ needs.

Un seguro comercial que satisfaga sus necesidades

Paychex Insurance Agency ofrece una amplia variedad de pólizas de seguro comercial para ayudar a proteger tanto a su empresa como a sus empleados de costosas reclamaciones y pérdidas.

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*“Los 100 principales agentes de seguros de los Estados Unidos”, revista Business Insurance

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