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Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance

Businesses need real world protection for their physical assets. Paychex Insurance Agency offers top-tier commercial property insurance, covering tangible assets like buildings, inventory, and equipment against damage and loss from fire, theft, accidents, and most natural disasters.

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Commercial property policies cover the cost to repair or replace physical assets like:

  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Furnishings
  • Inventory
  • Fixtures
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Protect Your Property

Our licensed insurance agents assess your coverage needs to help you find the right commercial property policy. We can help you keep business operating, even in the event of a natural disaster or a calamity brought on by human error.

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Save Money while Protecting Your Assets

Commercial property insurance can benefit your business in ways you didn’t expect. Lenders often require it to qualify for a business loan, and with a policy in place you could be offered lower interest rates or higher lines of credit. Meanwhile, commercial property policies are tax-deductible as part of an overall business insurance plan.

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One Place for All Your Insurance Solutions

As a top 25 insurance agency*, we’re your single stop for property and casualty, health and benefits, and benefits administration. Find out more about what Paychex Insurance Agency can offer you, your business, and your employees.

Commercial Property Insurance FAQ

  • What is commercial property insurance?

    What is commercial property insurance?

    Commercial property insurance (for buildings, equipment, inventory and records) covers any commercial property, with protection against fire, theft, and most natural disasters.

  • How much commercial property insurance do I need?

    How much commercial property insurance do I need?

    Property insurance should give your business enough coverage to generally match any claim you submit—helping you maintain financial continuity and protecting the value of your property. Also, remember that flood insurance is a separate policy from property insurance.

  • How much does commercial property insurance cost?

    How much does commercial property insurance cost?

    The size of your building, the value of your equipment and inventory, and factors like geographic location, age of the building, and age and type of equipment help to determine the cost.

  • Why do I need commercial property insurance?

    Why do I need commercial property insurance?

    Commercial property insurance is vital to protect your business property, and to cover the costs to replace or repair the physical assets of your business from losses arising from fire, theft, or most natural disasters.

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*“Top 100 Brokers of U.S. Business,” Business Insurance magazine