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We Contribute to a Sustainable Future

A key tenet of our corporate responsibility program is contributing to environmental sustainability, both by our actions as a company and by our support of employees’ efforts and interests in this area.

2021 Response - CDP Climate Change Questionnaire

Being Good Stewards of the Earth in Everything We Do

It can be as simple as a group of New Jersey employees using their community service PTO day to beautify a local park, or as coordinated as hundreds of Rochester employees participating in United Way Day of Caring activities involving planting trees and gardens. It’s corporate efforts like implementing energy-efficient practices throughout our owned facilities (such as geothermal HVAC), and it’s grass-roots efforts that started when an employee walking on a trail outside one of our buildings noticed that milkweed plants had been mowed down, and launched the creation of a pollinator garden in the space to ensure native plants could thrive.

And we’re always improving, by cutting down on paper usage, using more online and remote training (which reduces our carbon footprint from flying), and working with sustainability-minded employees to facilitate and implement their ideas. We even pair it with community service, like when we kept 100 PCs out of landfills by refurbishing them and donating them to an underserved elementary school in southern California, helping to enhance the digital literacy of students there.

Consideration for the environment is a factor in business and operational practices on many levels, such as these:

Recycling and Waste Reduction

  • Each of our offices feature prominent recycling bins with instructions so that waste is properly recycled.
  • Our recycling program extends to all IT-related equipment, including laptops, desktop computers, and servers. It’s Paychex’s goal to follow international guidelines for disposal of electronic waste.
  • We strive to put offices along the outer sides of our buildings to maximize natural sunlight.

Greener Communities

We support our many employees who are actively involved in environmental causes and programs in their communities, such as using their paid time off for community service to participate in clean-up and beautification projects.

Vendor Sustainability Practices

A key criterion in our selection process for facility design vendors is to work with companies with strong environmental sustainability performance as verified by third-party environmental designations.

Environmental Sustainability in Action

In 2021, Paychex was recognized by Sustainalytics as an ESG Industry Top Rated Company.

By the Numbers - Fiscal 2021

  • Recycled nearly 13,850 units of electronics companywide in fiscal 2021.
  • Eliminated paper from 19 sales and service training programs, saving approximately 190,000 sheets of paper annually.
  • Set an ambition to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.
paychex by the numbers

Sustainability in Action: Grass-roots Action in Rochester

When a group of IT professionals took grass-root action to boost recycling at their location, their success led to a formalized program with representatives in buildings across the city, along with involvement from the corporate benefits, facilities, and marketing teams. The team’s work educating more than 2,000 employees at participating locations has increased bottle and can recycling (with deposit refunds going to charity), reduced plastic garbage can liner usage, and increased recycling of consumer products such as K-cups.

And they show no sign of stopping. They formed an oversight committee that meets monthly to discuss the current state and drive desired-state activities, and they’re creating a model for improved sustainability that can easily be replicated at other Paychex locations.

Environmental Sustainability

“By disclosing, Paychex, Inc. has underscored their commitment to transparency on their environmental impact, risks and opportunities. This step is critical not just for their goals, but also for their investors, customers and employees. CDP greatly values Paychex, Inc.’s contribution to a more sustainable future.”

- Ateli Iyalla, Managing Director, CDP North America

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