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Kate L. Hill

Kate L. Hill, serves as an Compliance Analyst at Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions. She earned her Juris Doctorate from the University at Buffalo School of Law and has focused her career on representing employers in labor and employment matters. In her current role, Kate continues to concentrate in employment law and works on a variety of compliance-related issues, including monitoring and analyzing the impact of legislative and regulatory changes in employment law, conducting compliance reviews, preparing risk assessment reports, and writing compliance articles and training materials.


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Colorado Employers Must Offer COVID-19-Related Paid Sick Leave

The Colorado Healthy Families and Workplaces Act includes paid sick leave provisions related to COVID-19 that employers in the state must provide.

Sweeping Changes Made to Colorado Minimum Wage Order

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment adopted final rules that expand the wage order coverage, increase minimum exemption thresholds, and clarify additional wage rules.

N.J. Earned Sick Leave Law Regulations Finalized

More than a year after passing a law that requires employers of all sizes in New Jersey to provide workers with paid sick time, the state issues final regulations.

New Jersey Becomes First State with Law Where Mass Layoffs Will Soon Equal Mass Severance Payments

New Jersey becomes the first state that requires employers to pay severance to workers who are laid-off or terminated through workforce reductions.

Who’s the Boss? U.S. DOL Issues Joint Employer Final Rule

The Joint Employer final rule, which goes into effect March 16, 2020, provides employers clarification as to who is the employer when more than one unrelated business entity shares control over an individual employee or group of employees.

DOL Releases Final Rule to Provide Clarifications on Regular Rate

The U.S. Department of Labor issued its final rule, "Regular Rate Under the Fair Labor Standards Act," to clarify and update regulations regarding the type of benefits that must be included in an employee's regular rate of pay.

U.S. DOL Addresses Tip Regulations, Focusing on Tip Pooling and the 80/20 Rule

The U.S. Department of Labor has proposed new rules to address tip provisions for employers and has included a public comment period that ends Dec. 9, 2019.

California Enacts Employment Classification Law

California passed a law that classifies independent contractors as employees unless they satisfy the requirements of a three-part test. The law also establishes exceptions.

Illinois Enacts Sweeping Anti-Harassment, Pay Equity Changes, and Expands its Human Rights Law

The Illinois State Legislature sent three bills to the governor aimed at anti-harassment in the workplace, equal pay, and expanding human rights laws. All were signed into law.

Maine, Nevada, and A Locality Have One Thing in Common: Paid Leave for Any Reason

Maine became the first state to pass a law that offered paid time off for any reason, followed closely by Nevada, and then a county in New Mexico. Is it a trend other states will follow?

Oregon to Implement Paid Family and Medical Leave Program

Oregon became the eighth state to require a paid family and medical leave program for eligible employees in August 2019 when Gov. Kathy Brown signed House Bill 2005 into law. Eligible employees can access benefits beginning Jan. 1, 2023

Connecticut to Offer Paid Family Leave Benefits

The Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Act created a program that will be entirely funded by employees through a payroll tax beginning in January 2021, with benefits available to eligible employees beginning in January 2022. The program is one of the nation's most generous, covering employees who have worked for as few as 12 weeks for an employer.

Minnesota Wage Theft Law Subjects Employers to New and Expanded Requirements

A new law out of Minnesota includes wage theft protections for employees and imposes new requirements for employers. Get details on this now-effective legislation.

Connecticut Law Imposes New and Expanded Anti-Sexual Harassment Obligations

Connecticut becomes the fifth state to pass legislation related to anti-sexual harassment, expanding the law to obligate more employers to provide mandatory training to employees and supervisors.

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