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A lesson from Paychex's North Bay Ninjas in Building Brand Advocates

December 17, 2015
Collage of North Bay Ninjas
Twelve Days of Small Business Badge

We’re recognizing small businesses across the country for the positive impact they make on their local communities throughout the holiday season and all year long.


Meet the Paychex North Bay Ninjas, our crack sales team that hails from the Paychex North Bay office located in Novato, Calif., and serves the business owners of Sonoma, Napa, Marin Lake, Mendocino, and Solano.


On the surface, the North Bay Ninjas may appear to be like any other sales team, working hard to bring new clients to Paychex to assist them with all their payroll, HR, insurance, and benefits outsourcing needs. However, for the North Bay Ninjas, it’s not just about making a sale, it’s about creating a partnership. A partnership that is mutually beneficial to both parties, and that has the Ninjas supporting their clients outside of Paychex’s services.


You see, the North Bay Ninjas believe in their small, local clients and the positive impact they’re making in their communities. And because of that, the Ninjas go out of their way to support their clients any chance they have, whether it’s being loyal customers, recommending clients to family and friends, taking out-of-town guests to their favorite local hot spot, or promoting their clients via social media.


This holiday season, and all year long, the North Bay Ninjas are patronizing their local clients, and sharing their experience on Instagram:


  • Tina Scaturro is getting all her pies and baked goods from Bovine Bakery in historic Downtown Petaluma, in the heart of the wonderful rustic and picturesque Sonoma Coast town. Bovine Bakery is committed to using local and organic ingredients whenever possible in order to produce the best quality baked goods. They use organic whole wheat and all-purpose flours in all our products, as well as organic, free-range eggs.
  • Or perhaps you’ve seen Tina’s client, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, on NBC’s Today Show, or picked up their blue cheese at your local market. This holiday season when Tina and her husband are entertaining guest, they’re sure to have some Point Reyes Blue Cheese on hand to add a touch of local flavor to their celebrations. What makes the cheese at Point Reyes Farmstead so unique? The answer is simple - it’s the milk. As a true farmstead cheese producer, they use only Grade A milk from the family herd of cows raised from birth right on the property where the cheese is made.
  • With family and friends visiting Kara Rimedio in Napa County this holiday season, she’s sure to take them to one of the Ninjas’ favorite clients in the Napa Valley, B.R. Cohn Winery. Wine, olive oil, splendid wine country estate, and a genuine welcome create an experience at B.R. Cohn like no other this holiday season!
  • This holiday season, when shopping in the Antique Capital of California - the eccentric community of Sebastopol – Kelly Blanchard is sure to stop for a fantastic lunch at Sushi Hana, where the rolls are custom made, the service is second to none and it’s always a delightful experience.

The Ninja’s dedication to their clients can serve as a lesson to small business owners across the country in the importance of building a loyal base of repeat customers, and thus brand advocates. Not only is the team of Paychex employees playing the role of repeat customers themselves, but they’re also spreading awareness via traditional word-of-mouth marketing and social media to help attract new, and hopefully over time, a band of repeat customers.


Time and again, word-of-mouth marketing has been identified as the most valuable form of marketing, the one that consumers trust above all others, not to mention the one that is most likely to drive sales for your company. Now, when customers take to social media to broadcast their positive experiences, that sphere of word-of-mouth influence is growing, with greater potential of reaching new audiences, thereby the potential of growing your customer base.


This holiday season, while you’re in the throes of extended business hours, increased customer traffic, and heavier than usual back-office responsibilities, find some time to start or continue building your base of repeat customers. After all, research by Net Promoter Score inventor Fred Reichheld shows that a mere five-percent increase in customer retention can boost company profitability by as much as 95 percent. So, whether it’s your business partners, customers coming to you for the first time this holiday season, or customers that you see all year round, make sure you’re giving them a reason to be loyal.