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Icon Time Systems Announces Launch of TotalPass Small Business Premium Proximity Time Clock

September 09, 2015
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Icon Time Systems, a Paychex company, today announced the launch of its new proximity time clock system, the TotalPass Small Business Premium Proximity. Lightning fast, the TotalPass Proximity is the second entry in the all new, technologically advanced line of TotalPass time clock solutions by Icon Time Systems.

Designed for small businesses, the affordable TotalPass Proximity time clock is simple to setup and operate. It offers many advanced features and can accommodate up to 500 employees and 32 time clocks connected and managed over LAN, WAN, VPN, or Internet. The TotalPass Proximity is cross-compatible with most platforms, including Windows, Apple iOS, and Linux, and can be managed multiple ways with one login. Five web punch entry licenses are included with the time clock, which allow off-site or remote employees to clock in/out from any web-enabled device.

"The TotalPass Proximity time clock system is ideal for just about every small business owner who has ever wanted to save time by automating time and attendance with a plug-and-play solution,” said Eric Leagjeld, Icon Time Systems general manager. "We believe its processing speed, its upgradeable employee capacity, and its multi-clock capability make it one of the most advanced, affordable small business time clocks in the marketplace."

Among the new time clock system's highlights are:

Scalable technology. TotalPass can accommodate up to 500 employees and 32 time clocks connected and managed over LAN, WAN, VPN, or Internet.

All software is on the clock. With no software to install and all the functionally built right into the time clock, setup is a breeze.

Employee entry. TotalPass comes with PIN entry, proximity badge entry with 15 badges included, and Web browser entry with 5 employee licenses included. Web Punch Entry allows remote employees to clock in/out over the web from their PC, smart phone, or Web-enabled device.

Exports data seamlessly. Exports seamlessly with a CSV file to popular payroll programs. Free API available to create custom exports.

USB data backup. Use a USB Flash Drive to create backup of time clock data.

Faster Processing. Increased report processing speed – 1-Ghz.

The TotalPass Small Business Premium Proximity time clock is available now through the Icon Time Systems Reseller network. For more information, visit and watch the TotalPass Small Business Premium Proximity video.

About Icon Time Systems Icon Time Systems specializes in the manufacture of time and attendance solutions for small- to mid-size businesses. Founded in 1989, the company keeps a singular focus on producing employee time clocks that are quick to install, simple to operate, and highly reliable, giving small business owners an effective tool to manage payroll costs and optimize performance. Restaurants, medical offices, manufacturing, and retail companies throughout the world use Icon Time Systems solutions.