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Paychex Ranks No. 1 in Payroll Voice of the Customer Report From Sapient Insights Group

April 07, 2021
Paychex ranks No. 1 among all payroll solution providers for user experience and customer satisfaction.

Paychex, Inc., the HR software and services company that provides the power of simplicity for increasingly complex workplaces, ranked No. 1 among all solution providers in the newly released 2020-2021 Sapient Insights Annual HR Systems Survey – Voice of the Customer Report, Payroll Administration and Services Application.

Based on the conclusion of the 23rd annual Sapient Insights Group HR Systems Survey, Paychex Flex®, the company’s SaaS-based cloud application, topped all payroll providers in both user experience and vendor satisfaction scores in the special edition VOC report. Sapient Insights Group is a research and advisory firm focused on equipping clients with data and insights to drive enterprise-wide people and financial outcomes in their HR performance, change management, and technology transformation programs. The firm received 1,900 survey responses from HR leaders in 2020-21, including 800 who provided details about their experience using over 30 different payroll applications in 2020.

“Paychex customer comments focused on ease of use, and the positive relationship buyers had with their assigned payroll specialists,” the report states.

According to Stacey Harris, Sapient Insights Group Chief Research Officer, “Payroll applications are the most highly adopted HR application in our research, and essential to achieving organizational outcomes. For many organizations, having a relationship with and supporting services from a vendor like Paychex, who also offers supporting services, made a major difference in an organization’s ability to adapt and survive this past year. As organizations increase mobile access, flexible payroll options, and improved employee experiences, we continue to see even greater value achieved from investments in these technologies.”

Paychex Flex is an all-in-one HR technology application with payroll as the foundation. The hub for all payroll activities, Payroll Center, provides HR administrators and employees with a powerful yet easy-to-use interface. Customizable filters, layouts, and effective dates help to streamline what can often be a time-consuming task. Paychex is well known for avoiding costly payroll errors and helping company owners get back to business on more strategic activities.

Employees have access to payroll data and documentation via self-service. They can view this information from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The application delivers peace of mind to administrators by implementing workflows and approvals that align with their business needs. Through its Live Reports capabilities, Paychex Flex allows administrators to dive deep into employee and benchmarking data to make more informed business decisions related to compensation, diversity and equal pay, and more.

Paychex remains committed to developing innovative solutions that employers and employees have come to expect. Over the past year, the company introduced employees' ability to review pay information via smartwatch or voice assistant and for employers to initiate real-time payments to pay workers via direct deposit within seconds – a first in the HR industry.

The entire Paychex Flex suite is backed by a team of more than 200 compliance experts who work alongside federal, state, and local jurisdictions to understand how new regulations or changes to existing laws will impact Paychex products and services. This team is critical to Paychex being able to provide full-service payroll, reporting and compliance, as well as informing near real-time application updates to meet new regulatory requirements.

“There is nothing more valuable than the voice of the customer,” said Tom Hammond, Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product management. “We are thrilled to receive affirmation through this VOC report that we are meeting our clients’ needs, especially during such a challenging year for so many businesses. Payroll has always been critical, but it’s truly become a lifeline for organizations and their employees since the onset of COVID-19.

“Our role in supporting businesses as they seek critical Paycheck Protection Program funding and forgiveness, helping them continue to pay their employees, and guiding them down the path of digital transformation is our top priority,” Hammond continued. “We will continue to listen to our customers’ needs today, comprehend and address the fast-changing regulatory environment, and anticipate what’s coming next, making investments that bring simple solutions to complex business problems.”   

For Pat Iannatti, director of HR at StratasCorp, a fast-growing information technology services company with 205 employees across 35 states, access to a single application and the support Paychex provides has been critical to the company’s growth.

“None of us are payroll experts,” he said. “Paychex is a big company with all the right tools that acts like a small company when it comes to customer service. We made a switch to Paychex, and we never looked back. It was the smartest thing we ever did.”

To read the full Sapient Insights report, visit

Acerca de Paychex
Paychex, Inc. (NASDAQ: PAYX) es un proveedor líder de soluciones integradas de administración de capital humano para servicios de nómina, beneficios, recursos humanos y seguros. Al combinar su innovadora tecnología de software como servicio y su plataforma móvil con un servicio personal especializado, Paychex empodera a los propietarios de pequeñas y medianas empresas para que se centren en el crecimiento y la administración de sus negocios. Respaldada por más de 45 años de experiencia en la industria, Paychex ha brindado servicio a más de 680 000 clientes de nómina hasta el 31 de mayo de 2020 en más de 100 localidades dentro de los Estados Unidos y de Europa, y paga a uno de cada doce empleados del sector privado estadounidense. Conozca más sobre Paychex visitando y manténgase en contacto con nosotros a través de Twitter y de LinkedIn.

Tracy Volkmann

Tracy Volkmann

Tracy Volkmann comenzó a trabajar en Paychex en julio de 2014 y actualmente administra las relaciones públicas de la empresa. En este cargo, es responsable de liderar la función de relaciones públicas, proteger la reputación de la empresa e impulsar una cobertura positiva de medios obtenidos para Paychex. Tracy pasó siete años en West Point: se graduó de la Universidad de San Buenaventura y comenzó su carrera en comunicaciones de deporte universitario.


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