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tom hammond

Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Product Management

tom hammond

Tom Hammond asumió el papel de vicepresidente de Estrategia Corporativa y Administración de Productos en enero de 2017 con más de 25 años de experiencia en Paychex.

He leads an organization that develops strong, intuitive, and relevant Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions for small and mid-size businesses, embracing the challenge of remaining cutting-edge in an increasingly competitive market. He also shapes and directs the execution of the company’s strategic vision.

Earlier in his Paychex career, Hammond spent six years as the senior director of product and program management, putting his stamp on Paychex software development initiatives. He oversaw the creation of Paychex’s flagship payroll application, CORE Advanced, and has since played an integral role in its evolution into what is now Paychex Flex, the company’s full suite of HCM solutions.

A graduate of St. John Fisher College in Rochester, N.Y. Hammond earned his Bachelor of Science degree in marketing in 1990.