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Vista puesta en la eficiencia: Paychex presenta el reloj registrador Iris de InVision

October 11, 2017
invision iris time clock

New Paychex time clock scans an individual’s iris for the fastest, most accurate time-tracking process in the market

Successful new technologies help solve a problem, and with its latest time and attendance product, Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of human capital management solutions for payroll, HR, retirement, and insurance services, does just that. The company’s new InVision™ Iris Time Clock  scans the iris, providing the fastest and most accurate time capture product in the HCM market today.

“Biometric time clocks have been trending for decades, but many – like those with fingerprint, hand, and facial recognition – suffer from limited accuracy or a potential risk of ‘buddy punching’,” said Tom Hammond, Paychex VP of corporate strategy and product management. “InVision reads an individual’s eye, offering a touchless punch experience that delivers the simplest, most accurate, and cost-effective solution available today. Data collected also flows directly into payroll through a seamless integration that promotes precision and efficiency.”

Built in partnership with Icon Time Systems, a Paychex company, InVision eliminates many obstacles that, due to the condition of the work environment, may be more prevalent in certain industries than others. For example, in worksites for certain industries such as construction, restaurant, healthcare, and manufacturing, other biometric time clocks on the market may not be as accurate due to moisture, food, and dirt at the punch location or on the hands and face of the user. Conversely, InVision offers a completely touchless experience for the user that removes the barriers some other biometric time clocks present.

“We’re introducing InVision to solve a problem we know exists in the market,” Hammond added. “In certain industries especially, punching in can be a chore. With InVision, employees are able to punch in two seconds and quickly get started on the work that will actually impact the business.”

InVision, which can support enterprise organizations with up to 50,000 employees, offers verbal feedback to the user when enrolling and punching in and out for the day, as well as for breaks and meals. The time clock also works in both online and offline mode, a key feature for when an organization faces a business continuity plan (BCP) situation, during which it can continue to capture all employee time worked, even when a wireless network may be impaired.

Despite the fact that many organizations are leveraging automated time-capture processes, Paychex research indicates that 20% of businesses continue to track time via a paper method. A paper approach is particularly prevalent in smaller organizations, which poses a potentially devastating risk of fines should an audit or employee lawsuit occur and time worked isn’t accurately captured.

“Unfortunately, we know there are still plenty of HR managers spending their Fridays chasing down employees in an attempt to track accurate hours,” Hammond said. “Let’s face it, we’re all looking for ways to save time for ourselves and our teams – and manual time capture is simply not an efficient use of time and is an approach that leaves organizations ripe for inaccuracy and human error.”

InVision is the latest in a string of new time and attendance products and solutions from Paychex. Recent introductions and enhancements of existing products have included a kiosk app for both Android and iOS devices and new Paychex Flex Time features to support shift-swapping and advanced scheduling.

Those attending the HR Technology Conference & Exposition at The Venetian in Las Vegas this week are welcome to demo InVision at the Paychex booth (#2332). Click here for details on what else is happening in the Paychex booth and here to learn more about InVision.