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Latest Paychex Solutions Help Businesses Meet the Needs of the Modern Workforce

March 28, 2022
Product Launch 22
HCM technology provider announces enhanced solutions for talent retention, secure document management, and employee time tracking

Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of integrated human capital management (HCM) software solutions for human resources, payroll, benefits, and insurance services, has announced new enhancements designed to help employers better protect worker health and safety and help businesses address worker retention challenges through top-tier HR technology solutions.

“The modern workplace is here due to the accelerated adoption of digital technology, a distributed workforce, and the evolving needs of candidates and workers,” said Tom Hammond, vice president of corporate strategy and product management at Paychex. “Our clients need a provider that grows with their business and that evolves with the market by providing best-in-class HR solutions. The products included in our most recent release continue to build upon our strategy of supporting businesses as they navigate and recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We conduct ongoing market research to ensure we have a pulse on the needs and behaviors of businesses, our customers, and their employees,” added Maureen Lally, vice president of marketing for Paychex. “A recently commissioned report revealed insights on how workers in the modern workplace place a high value on employers supporting their well-being and that it is a significant consideration when looking for their next job. The solutions included in this product release address well-being in the workplace as well as business recovery through the retention of employees.”

The modern workplace requires open communication, transparency, and the ability to promote a safe and productive work environment where employees feel supported, whether remote, hybrid, or on-site. According to a recent NAPEO survey, 66% of business owners and decision-makers have identified the worker shortage as the most challenging aspect of running a business. Additionally, fostering a safe workplace for employees, managing return to work policies that could include testing or vaccine management, as well as managing a distributed workforce ranked as top business challenges. The following solutions and product enhancements make up the latest Paychex product release and the company’s efforts to simplify business challenges.

  • Compensation Summary Report: The Compensation Summary Report provides employees access to a view of their compensation beyond their direct pay—a critical business strategy for retaining top employees in today’s competitive job market. The report can include health insurance contributions, retirement contributions, bonuses, and miscellaneous benefits captured within Paychex Flex and can serve as a reminder to employees of specific elements of their compensation package.
  • Secure Document Management: Customers can safely and confidently store documents on the Paychex Flex platform. With the ability to handle multiple uploads and in-app signing capabilities, the documentation center can store confidential documents with rule-based user restrictions. Customers can pull real-time reports on who has uploaded documentation, offering a solution for centralized tracking, saving time, and improving accuracy. This new solution is ideal for vaccine status tracking, document storage, and reporting.
  • Financial Wellness: There are a number of stressors on an employee’s finances—household budgeting, managing debt, taxes, and properly investing and saving for the future. To help customers support their employees, Paychex is offering Financial Wellness services through a FinFit® integration. FinFit is a free financial wellness benefit that is now fully integrated with a user’s Paychex login and a tool for customers looking to recruit, retain, and keep their employees productive with a financial wellness program.
  • Paychex Iris Time Clock: Leveraging precise face and iris recognition, the Paychex Iris Time Clock is a safe and efficient way to capture accurate time and attendance data for today’s dynamic workforce. Designed to mirror the intuitive experience of a smartphone or tablet, this biometric time clock quickly identifies employees—with or without critical PPE—and provides secure access to pay adjustments, time-off balances, schedules, and more. New features promote employee self-service and minimize the time employers spend manually fielding HR requests as the data is centralized and fully integrated with Paychex Flex®, the company’s SaaS-based HR software.

View the latest Paychex product release to learn more about how these solutions are helping businesses meet the demands of the modern workforce.

Chelsea Wernick

Chelsea Wernick

Chelsea Wernick comenzó a trabajar en Paychex en octubre de 2021 y, actualmente, se desempeña como gerenta del programa de relaciones públicas. Con este cargo, es responsable de contar la historia de la solución tecnológica de la empresa, Paychex Flex, y de apoyar los objetivos generales del Departamento de Relaciones Públicas. Chelsea se graduó de Rochester Institute of Technology y cuenta con experiencia en relaciones públicas y comunicación digital.

Gerente del Programa de Relaciones Públicas