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Three Top Benefits of Payroll and HR Integration

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  • Last Updated: 02/13/2015
integración de nómina y recursos humanos
Increasingly, companies are deciding to integrate their payroll and HR, finding this move can save money and increase efficiency while eliminating duplicate work and decreasing the chance for errors.

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Corporations have traditionally handled payroll and HR administration separately. Increasingly, however, companies are deciding to integrate these two functions, finding this move can save money and increase efficiency while eliminating duplicate work and potentially decreasing the chance for errors. Integration can happen both in terms of staff allocations and the way technology tools are chosen and organized. Here are three top benefits of integrating payroll and HR administration.

1. Less Administrative Work = More Time for High-Value Activities

Integrating payroll and HR technology can help maximize your HR staff’s productivity and value by allowing them to focus on high-value activities rather than administrative tasks. Instead of spending time on heavy paperwork and collecting and inputting employee data, HR staff only need to enter information once, into a single interface — from payroll and tax forms to benefits data and staff reviews.

2. Easier Access to Data

When payroll and HR information is available together through a single interface, self-service features are much more effective. Employees are able to log into the system and quickly access information about payroll, available vacation and sick time, current tax deductions, and benefits. The ability to access this information allows employees to answer basic questions themselves, which can boost employee satisfaction and decrease the amount of time that management and HR spends resolving simple issues. An integrated interface can also make it easier for HR staff and managers to access employee information on demand, saving time and enabling management to make more informed decisions.

 3. Increased Accuracy and Improved Security

Streamlining data entry can increase the accuracy of your payroll and HR information across platforms because fewer people are entering information — preventing costly errors and saving the time and money it would take to correct them. An integrated interface can also help improve data security; payroll and HR benefits systems contain highly sensitive company and employee data, from salary information to social security numbers. By integrating these systems into a highly secure HR platform, you can reduce the chance of data breaches.


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