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Using HR Software Data to Improve Employee Relationships

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  • Last Updated: 06/09/2016

Uso de datos del software de recursos humanos
Employee turnover and dissatisfaction can be expensive and negatively impact productivity. Here's a closer look at how HR data can help improve employee relations.

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Companies with a human capital management (HCM) strategy may benefit from improved access to data, increased accuracy from time and attendance reporting, smoother payroll and benefits administration, better recruiting processes, and much more. Yet the benefits of HR software—which is the scaffold upon which HCM is implemented—extend well beyond operational efficiencies and data access. Innovative companies are using insights from HR software to increase employee satisfaction and develop better relationships with their workforce. Here's what business leaders should know.

Hiring for Long-Term Satisfaction

An integrated human capital management solution can support employee relations by improving interactions early on in the candidate/business relationship. By using automated recruiting functionality, companies are making hiring decisions that can help lead to long-term satisfaction. Advanced functionality can assist employers in recruiting better candidates by helping ensure that they're both highly skilled and fit with company culture. Recruiting system data may help your team identify the candidates who are most likely to remain with the company over the long term, while positive interactions during the recruiting and onboarding processes can increase an employee's satisfaction from the outset.

Increased Customization and Ease

Investments in HR software may directly improve the employee experience. When you increase the flexibility and customization of an employee’s experience, you can address a number of issues. Adding self-service functionality makes it easy for workers to update information without requiring a visit to HR. Mobile and online time entry simplifies the process of submitting time and attendance data. When managers and your HR team have accurate information, it's possible to provide better service, more customized scheduling, and help ensure that there are no logistical hiccups with compensation or benefits.

Enhanced Communication

HR technology can help improve communications with employees about critical issues. Consider the role of HR technology and data collection in benefits communication, for example. Studies have shown that communicating with employees about the benefits package that is available to them helps increase their perception of its value. Communication is also critical around events such as annual reviews, open enrollment, and other significant periods that affect employees. With the latest HR data and technology systems, it's possible communicate with employees in their preferred format, and monitor for instances where additional support might be required.

Rewarding Performance, Identifying Challenges

Integrated human capital management solutions can help provide a holistic view of an employee's performance. As a result, it's possible for managers to more easily identify and reward high performers with compensation increases, bonuses, promotions, and other forms of recognition. At the same time, HR system data can sometimes reveal problems such as absenteeism or decreased productivity. By identifying these problems early on, it's often possible to help address the situation through feedback, mentoring, and training.

Employee turnover is expensive, and dissatisfied employees tend to be less productive. As a result, it's important that businesses use every advantage to build strong relationships with their teams. The data from HR software systems can improve candidate selection, the logistics around routine HR interactions, performance management, and communication. Evaluate whether an integrated HCM solution is right for your company and begin the process of improving your employee satisfaction levels today.



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