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Preparing Your Team to Launch a Human Capital Management Strategy

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  • Last Updated: 03/16/2016

lanzar la estrategia de administración del capital humano (HCM)
Preparing your HR team to launch a human capital management (HCM) strategy can be an important factor in its success. Here's how you can help ensure your team is ready for the challenge.

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Implementing a human capital management (HCM) strategy requires a well-trained, focused HR department. From ensuring everyone on your HR team is ready to embrace an HCM initiative to working with business partners in order to demonstrate the initiative's importance, your HR team's planning and communication may help determine your business's HCM success. Here are some ways your HR team can prepare to launch an HCM strategy in the year ahead.

Evolving from Functional to Strategic Roles

In concept and in practice, what an HR department does is evolving. There may always be rote transactions, from handling benefits enrollment to managing time and attendance reports. However, with an HCM strategy, HR leaders assume a more important strategic role in helping businesses make the most out of their human capital assets. Helping your HR team to see their role as strategic contributors to the company at a higher level can help prepare them to take on the tasks associated with HCM.

Changing Attitudes Toward HR

In many cases, business leaders find there are misconceptions about the role of HR. Many view HR strictly as a resource related to recruiting and benefits. When your company implements its HCM strategy, it may be helpful to educate leaders throughout the company about the intent of the HCM strategy and how it will it benefit them in particular and the company as a whole. You should also emphasize the importance of HR as a partner within the business, with the power to improve everything from data access to employee productivity.

Using Strategic HR Technology

A proven way to make the most of HCM is to maximize productivity through HR technology. HR technology can help streamline an HCM strategy in multiple ways, from providing better access to data to eliminating unnecessary administrative tasks. By determining your company's technology priorities, your HR department can do a better job helping launch your HCM strategy. Once they help scope out the situation, it may become possible to invest in the tools and training needed to make the most impact.

In summary, an HCM solution can transform the way your business operates. But it's important to provide direction and support to your HR team in order to help them make the transition. From helping HR understand their expanded role to investing in the technology needed to successfully roll out an HCM strategy, advanced preparation can help you ensure the success of your strategic initiative.



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