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The Paychex Business Series Podcast with Gene Marks - Coronavirus

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Season 2 | Episode 27
Sarah Morgan, BuzzaRooney
About Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan has been a practicing HR executive for 20 years. Currently, she is the Chief Executive Officer of BuzzaRooney, LLC, where she provides consulting and coaching surrounding inclusive and equitable organizational culture, and practical, people-centric leadership.

Recursos humanos | Podcasts 28:13 min listen

Diversifying the workplace certainly isn’t an easy task says Sarah Morgan, CEO of BuzzaRooney, LLC, but it is one that will benefit your company and employees now and in the future. Hear what she has to say about putting in the extra effort in your search for candidates.

To understand more about diversity and inclusion, read our article “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.”

Season 2 | Episode 26
Richard Graeter, Graeter's Ice Cream
About Richard Graeter

Richard Graeter is part of the fourth generation of the Graeter family to own and operate Graeter’s Ice Cream. As the President and CEO, Richard is dedicated to the family tradition of making ice cream while embracing new opportunities and technology to grow the business.

COVID-19 | Podcasts 17:38 min listen

According to Richard Graeter, President and CEO of Graeter’s Ice Cream, the biggest thing that stops the continuation of a family-owned business is the family itself. Founded in 1870, Graeter’s Ice Cream is still going strong after 150 years of innovation and four generations of the Graeter family operation. In this episode, Gene Marks talks with Richard about the success of the business, including the importance preserving the core of your company, how sticking with tradition can differentiate you as a business, the importance of trust when transitioning from one generation to another, the benefits of bringing on non-family talent, and more.

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Looking for ways to get back to business during COVID-19? Download our whitepaper, “Peer Insights to Help SMBs Get Back to Business.”

Season 2 | Episode 25
Bart Adlam, codirector general de GOOD PLANeT FOODS
About Bart Adlam

Bart Adlam is the current co-CEO of GOOD PLANeT FOODS. He has over 30 years of experience successfully driving top- and bottom-line growth on packaged food brands, both in the U.S. and globally. Bart’s CPG experience includes both large corporations such as Danone, Ralcorp, and Pfizer, as well as small food companies such as Chef’s Cut and Siggi’s.

COVID-19 | Podcasts 18:58 min listen

Hace tres meses, en el momento álgido del COVID-19, Bart Adlam se integró a GOOD PLANeT FOODS como codirector general. Convertirse en un socio nuevo de una empresa en crecimiento representa un desafío en condiciones normales, mas si se añade una pandemia global, hay nuevos retos que enfrentar. Escuche a Bart hablar con el anfitrión Gene Marks sobre cómo está emprendiendo esta nueva aventura, que incluye dirigir y hacer crecer un negocio desde casa, la importancia de no esperar a que las cosas cambien, el estado actual y futuro del negocio de servicio de alimentos, la expansión internacional y el manejo de las expectativas como nuevo socio.

Looking for ways to get back to business during COVID-19? Download our whitepaper, “Peer Insights to Help SMBs Get Back to Business.”

Season 2 | Episode 24
Senador Chris Coons de Delaware
About Chris Coons

Chris Coons was elected to the United States Senate in 2010. In the Senate, he sits on the Appropriations,
Judiciary, Foreign Relations, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Ethics Committees. He was instrumental in building the Stimulus Bill, specifically on Section 7(a) loans.

COVID-19 | Podcasts 17:33 min listen

Gene Marks habla con el senador Chris Coons de Delaware, quien sirve en el Comité de Pequeñas Empresas y Emprendimiento del Senado y fue clave para elaborar el reciente proyecto de ley de estímulo, aprobado el 27 de diciembre de 2020. Conozca los detalles específicos sobre los préstamos de la Sección 7(a), los préstamos 504, la financiación de préstamos de la SBA y cómo la Ley CARES está dando meses adicionales para los pagos de reducción de deuda a pequeñas empresas con un préstamo respaldado por la SBA.

If you’re looking for more specifics on key provisions of the law, view additional resources on the fiscal relief package.

Looking for ways to get back to business during COVID-19? Download our whitepaper, “Peer Insights to Help SMBs Get Back to Business.”

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