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How to Hire an Exceptional HR Manager

Hiring a human resource (HR) manager for your business may be one of your most important staffing decisions. Here are three tips to help you start your search.
Hiring a HR manager

Do you have the right human resource manager to help grow your business? Your HR team is responsible for some of your business' most important functions, from staying in compliance with government reporting and regulations to hiring and training your next generation of talent. In the meantime, HR has evolved from simply a functional department to being a full business partner, and hiring an effective HR manager has become a critical step in launching a successful human capital management (HCM) strategy. Keep these tips in mind in order to help identify or groom the right HR manager for your business.

Develop the HR Manager Profile with Your Business Needs in Mind

In general, an effective HR manager should be able to multitask, maintain a high energy level, and interact in a fast-paced environment. However, the best HR manager for a conservative bank or for a regional agribusiness may have very different profiles. It's helpful to think about your company's most important HR challenges. For example, if your industry requires intensive HR reporting and compliance monitoring, it's crucial that your HR manager be thoroughly familiar with the regulations that apply to your business. If your biggest challenge is attracting top talent in competitive markets, look for candidates who also have a track record in this space. Tying your desired HR manager job description to your company's HR priorities can help you find a candidate with the right combination of personality and skills.

Comfort Level with Technology

Today's HR managers should generally be comfortable with using today's HR technology. They should understand a range of tools, such as basic HR software for administrative uses and social media for recruiting. HR leaders should also understand how to strategically integrate technology to improve data quality, mitigate administrative tasks, and focus their time on high-value activities. The best HR managerial candidates will have a strong understanding of available HR tools, and the consultative process required to work with stakeholders around the business, in order to invest in tools with a high potential return-on-investment.

Understanding Human Capital Management Strategies

As the sophistication of HR responsibilities continue to grow and HCM strategies become more important to businesses, an HR manager candidate's grasp of the HCM concept has also become an important consideration in the recruiting process. HR leaders must be able to create and maintain partnerships throughout the business. From developing more effective employee communication and evaluation, to ensuring that your business employs effective technology, HR leaders with experience in HCM can help determine priorities, coach managers and staff, and help measure improvements across the business.

Hiring an HR manager may be one of your company's most important staffing decisions. Start the process by determining your company's unique cultural and expertise-related needs, and search for candidates with some technical savvy and experience with HCM strategies. If you make the right decision, your HR manager can do an excellent job in helping guide your business through HR challenges in the year ahead.


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