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HR Tech: Women Still Striving to Integrate Leadership Jobs in Technology

Day 1 of HR Tech put the spotlight on women in leadership tech positions. We captured the highlights here.

In the United States, “there are more CEOs named John than there are female CEOs,” according to Tacy M. Byham, Ph.D. Something is wrong with this picture. The #HRTech conference led off with a first-of-its-kind, four-part session on Women in HR Technology. Although more women are taking on information technology (IT) roles, they’re typically related to integration, solutions, etc. The biggest gender disparity exists in software development and coding. It’s time to rebrand technology as a career option for young girls.

Because the HR tech industry sits at the crossroads of technology and human capital management, it can set the standard for other businesses on how to support women in technology roles. The session speakers, all women working in leadership tech positions in various industries, described the best ways to create and support inclusivity in the field and break down gender barriers. We’ve gathered our favorite moments from yesterday’s Women in HR Technology sessions:

  • Creating a culture for women in the workplace starts at the top. Workplace culture should foster open communication
  • Women in leadership roles shouldn’t compromise their personal style. Be assertive and strive for what you want, but do it in a way that suits your style and matches your values
  • 9-5 work doesn’t exist anymore. Men and women alike are working around the clock. Flexibility is key to keeping women in leadership roles
  • Coaches/mentors/champions are paramount to fostering success. It can come in all forms – a fellow woman or even a man

And finally,

  • Find what makes you happy! Take risks. Be fearless.


Tweets from Day 1 of the session reflected a sisterhood seeking equality and opportunity:

Women in HR Tech - be fearless, be comfortable taking risks, seek out the opportunities, know you add value #HRTechConf

— Jennifer Payne (@JennyJensHR) October 4, 2016


Define what success looks like for you. Dream Big and have no regrets! #womenintech #HRTechConf

— Shelly Morgan (@shellymorgan125) October 4, 2016


"57% of men negotiate starting salaries, while only 7% of women negotiate" - Tacy M. Byham #HRTechConf

— Gruppo Marcucci (@GruppoMarcucci) October 4, 2016


"1) Declare, don't defend 2) Be your own marketer & 3) ASK for what you want" @TacyByham #HRTechConf #womenintech

— Christy Childers (@christychilders) October 4, 2016


“Don’t be afraid to ask - for help, etc. You don’t know the answer until you ask.” @cecilehcm #HRTechConf

— Sharlyn Lauby (@sharlyn_lauby) October 4, 2016



To learn more about attend HR Tech 2016, visit www.hrtechnologyconference.com. Remember that Paychex has extensive resources to help companies of every size understand and implement HR technology.


Image credit: @dvubroady


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