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Help for Time-Starved HR Managers: Interview with Sean Quinn

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  • Last Updated: 12/13/2016

Sean Quinn analiza cómo la solución de HCM de Paychex Flex ayuda a los gerentes de RR. HH.
Sean Quinn, Senior Manager of Implementation at Paychex discusses common pain points of HR managers and how HCM systems, like Paychex Flex, can help.

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In our interview with Sean Quinn, Senior Manager of Implementation, he describes some of the ways that Paychex relieves the common pain points of today’s “time-starved” HR managers.

How does Paychex Flex® give HR Managers an advantage over competitive HCM systems?

Well, our world is only becoming more complex. And this holds true for HR managers in smaller and mid-sized companies. They’re juggling the day-to-day demands imposed on them from management, rank-and-file employees, and government regulations. And sometimes they feel like they’re at the “bottom of the food chain” when it comes to IT systems and software.

So Paychex built Flex as a means of improving this situation. It’s streamlined – so virtually everything HR professionals need, like a single login, employee data, and applications – are all at their fingertips.

Furthermore, our applications are not built in isolation from each other. We structure them to fit neatly into our single platform and integrate seamlessly with other applications.

In the past, Paychex was probably known more for being a service giant than technology. I think those times have receded in the rear view mirror. There is flexibility built in to both technology and service.

Is this platform limited to technology, or are there other variables in play?

That’s a good question, because I think many people misperceive our value proposition when you examine it from the lens of technology alone.

The area I manage is national client onboarding, and we look at the tools we offer, and the services around them, as a unified whole. For example, if a new client comes on board and has a great technology experience, but a lousy onboarding one, the net effect is compromised.

For example, if a new client comes on board and has a great technology experience, but a lousy onboarding one, the net effect is compromised

And let’s face it, prospective clients fear the onboarding experience. They may have bad experiences from the past, or are simply concerned about mistakes and delays occurring when they come on board.

We try to make onboarding easier by conducting an audit on the front end to make sure we have all the necessary information. Then we handle the data transfers and test the process as we go, to alleviate surprises. This keeps everything on track.

The majority of our business comes in January, when there are no previous wages and it’s much simpler to onboard a client; however, we can make the transition effectively at any point in the year and put our new clients’ minds at ease.

Beyond this, our services are really as modular as our applications. Clients can choose what level of support they need, and they can always switch to higher, more personalized, levels. They’re not permanently tied to any single interaction method.

And finally, there are HR services that complement the applications, depending on how much hands-on HR support that client needs.

Do you have any final words of advice for businesses looking for an HCM vendor?

Well, one thing that’s critical is to think a little further ahead than the “here and now.” Think about the direction your business is going and make sure a vendor is equipped to support you if your needs change. If you hire more employees, expand to other states, or offer more robust benefits you need a provider that’s able to scale with you. Paychex is definitely that kind of provider.

Think about the direction your business is going and make sure a vendor is equipped to support you if your needs change

Also, think about time as a commodity. It’s one of the most precious commodities you have. If you can’t get the help you need when you have problems, or have to switch platforms or applications that you outgrow, this wastes time. And that’s equivalent to wasting money.

That’s why Paychex has put considerable thought into making our HCM platform a time-saver. There is smart service wrapped into it, with “behind the scenes” support you need to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.



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