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5 Steps to Recruiting the Right Candidate for Your Job Opening

Recruiting employees can pose a huge challenge for business owners. This article discusses five recruiting steps that can save time and money when hiring a new employee.
recruiting the right candidate

Recruiting employees can pose a huge challenge for business owners. It can be a daunting task to post a job ad, sift through resumes, and, ultimately, choose someone to join your staff. The risk is considerable; selecting the wrong person can lead to lost revenue and can cost valuable time. On the flip side, time and expenses used to hire the right person can be one of the best investments a business owner can make.

Here are five recruiting steps that can save time and money and can help preserve employee morale:

  1. Create a fixed recruitment process that’s followed with every job opening. This can help establish a consistent path to successful hiring. For example, establish interview questions that are asked of all applicants in order to draw fair comparisons. Current employees and new applicants will benefit from a consistent process where candidates are held to the same expectations.
  2. Flesh out the role being filled. Don’t rush through the process of identifying duties and responsibilities. Consider what type of personality, skill set, and experience level is needed to succeed in the position. Determine what excellence means for this role, and use that to identify what is a necessity and what is “nice to have,” and what will make a difference for everyone who touches the position. If this is a customer service role, experience and personality may be more critical than a particular skill set or education requirement.
  3. Create a thorough job ad. Think of the ad as an opportunity to draw in qualified candidates, who will help generate future revenue, rather than a chore to be done to fill an open slot. Determine where the listing will be posted — whether it’s on the company website, social media platforms, with local professional organizations, or in the classified section of a local newspaper. Include an up-to-date job description in the ad. Create attention-grabbing verbiage and share what sets the business apart — is it business culture? Employee benefits? Development and advancement potential?
  4. Get the most out of phone screens and interviews. Prepare for the phone screen by looking over the candidate’s resume. During the screen, use open-ended questions to collect as much information as possible. Conduct a thorough assessment so that only candidates who seem like a good fit are brought in for face-to-face interviews. Behavioral interview questions can be a valuable tool; for instance, a question like “Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a direct manager or supervisor” will provide a picture of how this candidate handles a dispute in a professional setting. Interviews are also a great time to consider how this individual will affect your current employee base — will they encourage current employees to strive to a new level of performance, or will they have a negative effect on morale and be a detriment to employee relations?
  5. Perform background checks (as permitted or required) and check references in order to confirm that the best fit has been selected. Aside from the potential legal ramifications of negligent hiring, the financial loss of onboarding a bad employee who has slipped past a lengthy interview process can be devastating. This is the final opportunity an employer has to ensure they have in fact selected the right candidate.

Once an offer has been extended and accepted, make sure your new hire gets started on the right foot by providing them a complete onboarding experience, assimilating them into the company, and engaging them early. Don’t forget to measure the success of the process and evaluate the results in order to maximize time and effort put into future recruitment.


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