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The Benefits of Using HR Online Services

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  • Last Updated: 11/17/2014

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Web-based human resources solutions can help businesses to eliminate inefficiencies and inaccuracies that may occur from updating and managing data that often resides in multiple places.

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Human resources is a discipline that demands detailed information gathering, meticulous recordkeeping, close attention to legal and regulatory compliance, and a high level of privacy protection. It's also a field that can apply technology to great advantage.

Businesses large and small can automate many HR functions, freeing personnel department employees to focus on strategic endeavors. Technology can help contain the size of the HR staff and its costs, reducing paperwork and streamlining labor. Online HR services can assist a company's workforce, too. Instead of visiting the HR department to provide information, staffers can just enter data at a keyboard.

Web-based HR solutions can help businesses eliminate inefficiencies and inaccuracies that may occur when people manage data residing in multiple places. Employee information, such as demographics, benefits status, Social Security numbers, emergency contacts, and performance history should be contained in a secure central database. Depending on the vendor and your company's preferences, workflows can be customized. Self-service options for both managers and staff can increase convenience and productivity.

Ultimately, an online HR service has the potential to save your company time and money.

Features of online HR services

Companies that automate HR functions usually offer clients a menu that can include:

  • centralized data portal allowing information sharing, employee profiles, forms, procedures, automated notifications, and more.
  • Benefits administration, permitting staff to track enrollment, usage, and costs. This feature may provide payroll deduction calculators to help employees make decisions about their coverage.
  • New-hire management tools to manage recruitment, employee orientation, form completion, and employment eligibility.
  • Employee development tools, including performance review forms, event scheduling, and tracking.
  • Reporting, including compensation summaries, census data, and required regulatory reporting, with audit trails.
  • Customized user screens and access control to options such as paperless payroll, policies, forms, and organizational directories.

Your organization's type, size, budget, and institutional preferences will determine which automated HR features you select.

Choose an online HR solution with care

When choosing an HR solution, make your selection thoughtfully. Ensure that the firm has a solid reputation, an established presence in the marketplace, financial stability, and outstanding customer service. Talk to companies similar to yours to learn about their experiences with various vendors.

Read the details of potential contracts. Be sure you understand what vendors offer regarding data security, data ownership, and data access—and data recovery if the relationship ends.

Online HR services can help your company improve efficiency and effectiveness in a cost-conscious manner. Paychex has a suite of automated HR services to fit companies of every size. 



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