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Lessons from the Road: Personality Types for a 5-Star Trip and Business

Who doesn't love a summer road trip? If only you could be as confident in the business running smoothly as you are in your vacation. For success on the road and in the office, these four personality types are a must.

Who doesn’t love a summer road trip? Heading out on the open roads can go a long way for clearing the mind and getting a much deserved break from the daily grind. Now that the time to hit the road is finally here, you jump in the car with your go-to travel buddies, and it’s nothing but blue skies ahead.

And then, as if you hit a mental roadblock, your mind drifts back to the office, and you can’t help but wonder how things are going in your absence. If only you could be as confident in the business running smoothly as you are in your vacation. And that’s when the moment of clarity strikes. The answer is sitting right there in the car with you.

No, hiring your travel buddies isn’t the answer, but you realize there is a lot you can learn from the personalities of the people you choose to travel with. The only reason you’re confident your vacation will go off without a hitch is because you know you have the right people there with you. And with the right people – and personalities – on your team, you can be confident your day-to-day operations will run smoothly whether you’re in or out of the office.

For success on the road and in the office, these four personality types are a must.

The Leader

On the road:  Heading out on a week-long road trip doesn’t start with the snap of your fingers, or anyone else’s for that matter. Chances are you have a leader amongst you, or you’d all still be sitting in the family room trying to figure out where to go. Task-oriented, goal-driven, and not afraid to enlist the necessary help and resources, a strong leader is at the core of any well-planned road trip. The leader takes charge of the trip from the very start, planning out all the minute details, organizing activities and reservations, and ensuring you make the most of your vacation.

In the office:  That same take-charge attitude also comes in handy at the office. A strong leader is a must on any team to keep the ball rolling and ensure everyday success. Their inspiring and assertive approach can help motivate the rest of the team to reach higher and achieve, or even surpass, goals.

The Motivator

On the road:  Regardless of how much planning the leader has done, chances are something will go wrong. That’s when you call in your motivator. Known for an ever-positive attitude, the motivator will help keep the mood of the group light and in good spirits, even if everything seems to be falling apart around them. Flat tire? Lost reservation? No need to worry; your motivator’s positivity and enthusiasm will fuel everyone else to do what’s necessary to fix the situation, while still having a good time.

In the office:  Full of enthusiasm and a go-get-‘em attitude, motivators are the heart and soul of office morale. Congratulating co-workers for a job well done and offering words of encouragement when things are looking down, motivators are crucial members of the team during the good and bad times.

The Problem Solver

On the Road:  While the motivator is keeping everyone from freaking out when the clumping sound of a flat tire fills the car, the problem solver is the one swinging into action. It’s times like this that the problem solver thrives, so bring on the flat tires, the low-fuel lights just after you pass the rest stop, and the missing hotel reservation in a fully booked hotel, because you got your guy to handle it.

In the office:  You’re no stranger to all that can go wrong on any given day. Perhaps someone doesn’t show up, your register breaks down, you run out of a key ingredient – you name it, the list goes on. As long as your problem solver is there, you know everything will work out. That’s not to say it’s up to that one person to fix the problems of the world, but you know you can count on your problem solver to rally the troops and get the problem fixed.

The Conflict Negotiator

On the road:  Even the best of friends can have their disagreements. Perhaps your motivator is getting on the nerves of your leader, who just wants results, while your problem solver, who’s busy problem solving, is annoyed that the two of them can’t just relax. Cue your conflict negotiator, who has a unique ability to anticipate conflict, see all sides of the story, and smooth things out before the situation escalates.

In the office:  Frustrated employees. Angry customers. Unfortunately in business, they’re both inevitable. An uncanny ability to empathize with the upset party combined with excellent communication skills, makes the negotiator the perfect person for resolving conflict. In addition to her ability to stay neutral during a conflict and settle things down, the conflict negotiator brings a certain level of workplace harmony that never hurt anyone. 

Whether you’re preparing for a summer vacation, or a busy summer season, take time to examine the personalities on your team to understand what types are represented, and which ones you might benefit from adding. An all-star team of a leader, motivator, problem solver, and conflict negotiator will have your business running in tip-top shape throughout the summer and all year long. 



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