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National Payroll Week Ideas for Your Small Business

In honor of this year's National Payroll Week, we offer some ways that businesses can recognize the occasion, and asked business owners what they'll do to shake up their payroll process in the upcoming year. Read on to find out what made the list.
National Payroll Week 2018

National Payroll Week ideas are in full force this week, also known as National Payroll Week (Sept. 3-7, 2018). This annual celebration marks the economic, cultural, and social achievements of workers, and the significance of "an honest day's work for an honest day's pay."

Every year, the American Payroll Association (APA) celebrates National Payroll Week (NPW), honoring American workers and the skilled, dedicated payroll professionals who make sure they get paid.

This year NPW coincides with the week of Labor Day, and highlights the achievements and partnerships between America's employees, payroll professionals, and various government programs and agencies. The APA, its local chapters, and others in the payroll industry use the week as a platform to spread awareness of the payroll withholding system, to host community service projects, and to educate others on how paychecks are calculated and how to get the most out of their pay.

"America Works Because We're Working for America"

The official slogan for NPW is "America Works Because We're Working for America." The money that payroll professionals collect from employees' paychecks through the payroll withholding system is vital to the funding of important government programs that keep America working smoothly, such as Medicare, the building of federal highways, Social Security, the U.S. military, and much more.

Each year the APA and its members seek the support of NPW from various national, regional, and local government agencies and officials. Every year, the campaign receives numerous government proclamations and letters of support from governors, members of Congress, and more.

Business owners share planned payroll changes

A recent Paychex Small Business Survey polled 500 business owners with 2-500 employees to learn what changes they most likely plan to make to their payroll process within the next 12 months. The top payroll changes include:

Offer direct deposit: 27%

Direct deposit offers employers a safe, convenient way to electronically pay their employees. Learn more about the benefits of this payment method as well as other types of employee pay options.

Provide electronic paystubs: 15%

You're obligated to maintain accurate records of hours worked and wages paid to employees. Many states require employers to also provide employees with detailed payroll information, and outline any deductions, withholdings, taxes, and year-to-date payroll information. Get more insight into navigating the payroll process.

Offer smartphone access to payroll information: 11%

Employees are increasingly using mobile devices to access payroll, benefits, and other employment information. It could also help in your efforts to boost worker engagement. Get more information in this article.

Shift to daily pay: 10%

Pay frequency, or how often your employees are paid, may be governed by state statutes. It's important to make sure your pay frequency meets any state requirements that apply. This video explains more about accurately paying employees.

Shift to outsourced payroll: 10%

As business demands increase, employers make look to outsource payroll tasks to a reliable third party. While there are many reasons to outsource your payroll, here are five to get you started thinking about whether this makes sense for your organization.

planned payroll changes

Across the board, female business owners and younger employers (those between the ages of 18 and 34) were the most likely to be making changes to their payroll processes in the next year. For instance, 20 percent of female respondents said they would provide electronic paystubs, versus just 9 percent of male respondents. In this same example, 42 percent of respondents age 18-34 said they would switch to electronic paystubs, versus 20 percent of respondents age 35-49 and just 4 percent of respondents age 50 and older.


Also on the list was the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for some payroll functions, which just 5 percent of respondents said they would use. Despite the growing attention they have received, cryptocurrency and blockchain may be technologies that business owners aren’t quite ready to adopt just yet into their payroll operations.




Celebrating National Payroll Week in your community


Across the country, businesses will recognize their dedicated payroll professionals who fulfill the essential duties of ensuring pay day arrives without interruption week after week, month after month.


These skilled payroll professionals also work to ensure the accuracy of payroll and compliance with increasingly complex tax and withholding requirements. Without their commitment to excellence, millions of employees might not get paid on time.


Here are National Payroll Week ideas on how you and your company can take part in NPW celebrations:


  • Distribute the Getting Paid in America survey among your employees. By sharing their opinions on the payroll process, they can help the APA better understand the trends affecting payroll and employees. Participants who complete the survey are eligible to win a trip for two to Las Vegas.
  • Fill out the quick, easy-to-complete NPW Supporter Commitment Form and become an NPW supporter. In return, your business website will be featured on the NPW site and recognition in the NPW video shown at the APA's Annual Congress, where thousands of payroll and HR professionals gather.
  • Celebrate in your workplace with an NPW-themed cake, contests, and games.

Paychex payroll services


When you consider the time and detail that's required to process payroll manually, you may better understand the efficiency that payroll software has brought to the modern workplace. What’s more, there are numerous calculations and requirements that play in determining how to calculate payroll, and just how complicated the process can become when completed on your own.


Learn more about how Paychex payroll services have become a proven partner for thousands of U.S. businesses with a unique combination of easy technology and 24/7 U.S.-based service.


About the Paychex Small Business Snapshot
Data included in the Paychex Small Business Snapshot was taken from the results of a Paychex Small Business Survey. The survey was conducted online between June 18 and June 27, 2018, polling 500 principals of U.S. companies with 2-500 employees.




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