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Encuesta: Lo que piensan los trabajadores acerca de las tendencias más populares de recursos humanos de hoy en día

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Workplace surveys commonly address employee trends and issues, as well as how to address those issues, from the employer’s perspective.

Paychex approached this survey differently, gathering details and insight from the employees themselves. We asked 757 full-time employees in companies with 1,000 workers or fewer across the United States about workplace hot topics — benefits, HR technology, pay equity, company social responsibility, retirement, and more — to determine how these HR trends are impacting them and how their workplace expectations are evolving.   

Employers can benefit from this information by incorporating the data into their strategic goals — and working with their HR staff — to enhance recruiting, hiring, and retention efforts.

Interested in knowing the full scope of how employees responded in the survey? Download this white paper.

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