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Tammy Tyler

Tammy Tyler is an employment law compliance manager at Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of integrated solutions for payroll, HR, retirement, and insurance services.

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New York State Legislature Seeks Expansion of Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Laws (Updated)

The New York state Legislature passed an omnibus bill that amended the Human Rights Law, the General Obligations Law, and the Civil Practice Law. It will expand revisions to the state's sexual harassment laws and impact employers and employees.

Delaware Passes Sexual Harassment Prevention Law, Requires Interactive Training

Delaware's sexual harassment prevention law requires businesses with four or more employees to address sexual harassment prevention through notification, while businesses with 50 or more employers have notification and interactive training requirements. The law also expands the definition of employee and the types of workers covered.

Michigan’s Paid Medical Leave Act Effective March 2019

Michigan passed the Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act, and all covered employers will be required in March 2019 by statewide mandate to provide paid medical leave to eligible employees for covered absences.

New York City and State Sexual Harassment Laws and What They Mean for Your Business

Sexual harassment can occur in any industry, in any business. In this webinar, we’ll help you understand the updated sexual harassment regulations and your responsibilities to your employees.

NYC Human Rights Law Adds “Cooperative Dialogue” Amendment

The NYC Human Rights Law requires, effective Oct. 15. 2018, covered entities engage in cooperative dialogue with individuals who have a disability and may require an accommodation.

Update: U.S. DOL Releases Proposed Rulemaking on Overtime Regulations

The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division released the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to revise the federal overtime regulations. The proposal would revise salary thresholds for the executive, administrative, and professional exemptions from the Fair Labor Standards Act's minimum wage and overtime requirements.

New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act to Take Effect

Starting Oct. 29, New Jersey employers of all sizes will be required to provide their eligible employees with up to forty hours of paid sick leave per year. Here are some important details of this law.

Chicago and Cook County Paid Sick Leave Ordinances Soon in Effect

Separate paid sick leave ordinances in Chicago and Cook County become effective July 1, 2017. Go more in-depth with details of each ordinance.

Rhode Island Paid Sick and Safe Leave Law Goes into Effect July 1

Covered Rhode Island employers will soon be required to provide paid sick and safe leave to eligible employees. Before the July 1 effective date, learn important details including how employees accrue time, carryover options, and more.

California Supreme Court Adopts ABC Test Broadening Definition of Employee

A much-anticipated decision by the California Supreme Court could result in an increase in the number of California workers eligible for worker protections including minimum wage, overtime, rest breaks, and other benefits. Read on to learn more about the case, and how this decision could impact California businesses' interaction with the gig economy.

(Updated) States and Localities Continue to Address Workplace Harassment

Several jurisdictions have recently passed legislation to expand employee protections, employer requirements, and available remedies for unlawful harassment in the workplace. Take a closer look at legislation that's passed in New York state, New York City, Delaware, and Washington state.

Tip Pooling: Recent Amendment to FLSA and DOL Clarification

In its budget reconciliation bill, Congress amended the Fair Labor Standards Act to address tip pooling restrictions when employers pay employees at least the full federal minimum wage. If you have employees who receive customer gratuities, this article is a must-read.

California Supreme Court Ruling Could Lead to Higher Overtime Rates

Employers in the Golden State, take note: a recent ruling by the California Supreme Court clarified how employers in the state must calculate overtime when non-exempt employees earn flat sum bonuses. Employees may even be able to collect up to four years of back wages. This article has more details on this important development.

Nationwide PAID Program Seeks to Expedite Resolution of Overtime, Minimum Wage Violations

The DOL's Wage and Hour Division has established a new pilot initiative that aims to help expedite resolutions of overtime and minimum wage violations under the FLSA without litigation. Get details and find out how you can participate.

Paid Sick Leave Law Goes into Effect in Maryland

Maryland's Healthy Working Families Act took effect Feb. 11, 2018, requiring covered employers with 15 or more employees to offer eligible employees at least one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. Here are some details about this recently enacted law.

DOL Adopts New Seven-Factor Test for Internships under the Fair Labor Standards Act

If you have interns, read on to learn more about a new test the DOL has adopted. It may require you to review your existing internship program. Get more details about this recent development.

NLRB Overturns Obama-era Definition of "Joint Employer"

A recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board to overturn its 2015 Browning-Ferris Industries decision could be good news for franchisors, staffing agencies, and those hiring subcontractors. Learn more details about the decision and the return to the direct test for joint employment.

U.S. DOL Seeking to Rescind Portions of Obama-Era Tip Regulations

Proposed changes regarding tip pools could impact restaurants and other businesses with employees who rely on customer gratuities. Learn the details about this proposal.

[Updated] U.S. Federal Court Strikes Down Obama-Era Overtime Rule; DOL Plans to File Appeal

A week after a federal court in Texas struck down an Obama-era rule that would have expanded overtime pay eligibility, the Justice Department formally ended attempts to expand the Federal Overtime Rule. On Oct. 30, the DOL announced plans to repeal this decision. Read on to learn what this means for businesses.

School-Activity Leave Laws Help Working Parents Be There for Kids

With schools back in session, you may need to study up on whether you're required to offer your employees unpaid school-activity leave. Read on to learn the details of these state- and local jurisdiction-specific laws.

OMB Orders Stay on Pay Data Collection Elements of the EEO-1 Report

There have been recent updates regarding the forms employers need to complete as part of their EEO-1 Report. Read on for in-depth details, including some important deadlines you may need to know.

The Save Local Business Act Could Narrow Definition of "Joint Employer"

Congress recently introduced the Save Local Business Act to amend the National Labor Relations Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Franchisors would be one of the primary beneficiaries of this legislation, which could reduce the risk of potential legal claims under the two statutes.

DOL Releases Request for Information on Overtime Regulations

Take a look at how the RFI is a first step toward revising exemptions from federal minimum wage and overtime requirements.

Updates Announced to New York State’s Paid Family Leave Program for 2019

The state of New York announced the most recent updates to the NYS paid family leave (PFL), which provides job-protected leave to eligible full-time and part-time employees for certain qualifying reasons.

Arizona Paid Sick Leave Law Now in Force

Proposition 206, The Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act, was approved by voters in Arizona last November, setting higher minimum wage rates and mandating that eligible employees working for covered employers receive up to 40 hours of paid sick leave annually.

Form I-9 to Verify Workers for U.S. Employment Revised

Federal law requires every U.S. employer to complete a Form I-9 for each new hire, verifying each employee's identity and authorization to work in the United States. Recently this form was revised to include on the form and in the instructions the addition of several countries with recent name changes. As an employer, learn more about using this form.

Update: NYC Amends Earned Safe and Sick Time Act; Westchester County Adopts Earned Sick Leave Law

Westchester County adopted a law on Earned Sick Leave in 2019. Prior to that in 2018, New York City amended its paid sick leave law and renamed it the Earned Safe and Sick Time Act. The changes include written notice/policy requirements, expanded reasons for leave, and a broader definition of a family member.

Frequently Asked Questions about the EEOC and the EEO-1 Report

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces federal laws against employment discrimination. Find the answers to common questions about the EEOC and the revised EEO-1 report.

A Federal Court Temporarily Blocks the Final Overtime Rule: What Now?

On November 22, just as many U.S. businesses were preparing to make, or had made, staffing and salary adjustments to meet the new Federal Overtime Rule, it all came to an abrupt halt. Now what should business owners do?

New EEOC Pay Data Reporting Requirements: Start Preparing Now

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced the release of a revised EEO-1 Report to collect summary employee pay data from certain employers. Learn how these new reporting requirements could affect your business.

New Labor Secretary Acosta Expected to Act on Stalled Final Overtime Rule

The Senate has confirmed Alexander Acosta for Secretary of Labor. What does this mean for the Final Overtime Rule? Here's what we know.

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