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Improving Employee Wellness in the Workplace

Employee wellness is top of mind with business owners and HR managers. We've identified benefits employees say could help address their emotional, financial, physical, and social wellness — to potentially improve your workforce productivity, recruiting, and retention.

Employee Wellness Resources

  • Read the Results

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    Employee Wellness Infographic

    Get key statistics from our workplace mental health survey and find out what they could mean for your business and read more about the situation.

    View Infographic

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    State of Mental Health in the Workplace Report

    Read the full results of our survey and learn the state of employee wellness and its effects on employees and ultimately the businesses they work for.

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  • Read the Guide

    Employee smiling

    ¿Cómo se sienten sus empleados? Una guía para la salud mental en el lugar de trabajo

    Learn steps you can start taking today to address the four pillars of employee wellness in your workplace: emotional, financial, physical, and social.

    Download the Guide

  • Watch the Webinar

    a business owner thinking about her employee's mental health

    La salud mental de los empleados: los costos visibles de una lucha invisible

    Hear about the state of employee wellness and what you can do to improve employee wellness in your business from HR experts Steve Boese: HR Technology Conference Co-Chair and Co-Host of HR Happy Hour and Alison Stevens: Paychex Director of HR Services.

    Watch the Webinar

  • Listen to the Podcast

    Jeanne Meister Headshot

    Resultados de la encuesta de recursos humanos: El bienestar de los trabajadores ahora tiene prioridad

    New findings from a recent Paychex survey identify employee well-being as a top factor for workers and among those most desired in a future job search. Hear research expert Jeanne Meister of Executive Networks share further insights on well-being to help businesses improve employee retention and recruiting efforts at this critical time.

    Listen to the Podcast | Season 3, Episode 7

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  • Listen to the Podcast

    Headshot of Jake Flaitz

    El poder del bienestar de los empleados en el lugar de trabajo

    With the COVID-19 pandemic having a significant impact on the emotional, financial, and physical health of individuals across the globe, employers can no longer wait to invest in employee wellness programs. Join Jake Flaitz, Director of Benefits and Wellbeing at Paychex, as we discuss the critical role that employee wellbeing has on your overall business success.

    Listen to the Podcast | Season 2, Episode 12

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  • Listen to the Podcast

    Headshot of Cathleen Swody

    Serie de salud mental: Cómo mejorar el bienestar mental de empleadores y empleados en el lugar de trabajo virtual

    Learn how employers and employees can improve their wellbeing in the workplace as well as in a virtual work environment. Cathleen Swody, Founding Partner and Director of Assessment from Thrive Leadership, talks with Gene Marks about improving communication, the employee wellness benefits you can offer to employees, and why business owners should also take time off.

    Listen to the Podcast | Season 2, Episode 50

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  • Listen to the Podcast

    head shot of Dr. L. Casey Chosewood

    Serie de salud mental: la salud integral del trabajador. ¿Qué es? ¿Por qué es importante? Y cómo los CDC afirman que usted puede ayudar a mejorarla.

    To keep employees physically safe at work, you meet OSHA regulations. But according to Dr. L. Casey Chosewood from the CDC, your employees' wellbeing is just as important. Hear as he explains Total Worker Health®, and why business owners should be introducing policies, programs, and practices to help address financial, employee wellness, and personal life stressors.

    Listen to the Podcast | Season 2, Episode 51

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  • Listen to the Podcast

    headshot of Dr. Krystal Lewis

    Serie de salud mental: La importancia de la salud mental para usted, sus empleados y la cultura de su empresa

    Dr. Krystal Lewis, a Clinical Psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), talks with Gene Marks about the importance of positive mental health – not just for your employees, but for you as a business owner as well. Hear about everything from dealing with work frustrations to making psychologists available to employees and to yourself.

    Listen to the Podcast | Season 2, Episode 53

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    Listen with Spotify®| Season 2, Episode 53

Support Employee Wellness With Paychex HR

Nearly 40% of employees surveyed said their organization’s benefits, policies, and culture fail to support their health across the four pillars of wellbeing in the workplace — mental, physical, financial, and social.1 Paychex HR helps you effectively address the four pillars in order to improve morale, productivity, recruiting, and retention.

Mental Health

Offer support and connect better with employees.

  • Employee Assistance Program for confidential mental health support
  • Paychex Flex® Time for more flexible scheduling
  • Performance management and development tools in Paychex Flex

Physical Health

Offer comprehensive benefits to improve physical wellbeing.

  • Seguro médico grupal
  • Voluntary vision, dental, and wellness programs at no cost to you
  • Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts to save pretax for qualified medical expenses
  • OSHA compliance and safety program to help protect employees from physical injury

Financial Health

Enable financial peace of mind.

  • Financial wellness program to reduce stress
  • Retirement services to help employees save for the future
  • Flexible pay options to give employees access to earnings when they need it
  • Employee discounts to help them save on useful products and services

Social Health

Improve workplace culture by connecting with employees and showing them that they’re being heard.

  • Dedicated Paychex HR professional works with you to provide HR guidance
  • Employee surveys help you understand wellness needs and gaps
  • HR technology simplifies employee management and benefits administration
  • Learning Management System (LMS) to simplify training and development

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