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Paychex HR Update

March 2017

  • Emergency Action Planning

    Know the importance of having a company emergency plan.
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  • Lockout/Tagout

    Find out how OSHA's Lockout/Tagout rule applies to your business.
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  • Safety Spot Checks

    During the spare minutes of your day, consider performing a safety spot check.
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  • Federal Updates

    Learn about the latest federal updates.
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  • What's New in Your State?

    Review new state laws or updates that may affect you and your business.
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HR Update - March 2017
  • Labor Poster Updates

    As part of our service, Paychex provides you with information about revised state and federal labor postings. See if posters have been updated in your state. 
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  • Supervisor Procedures Manual Update

    Order an updated 2017 manual or review the changes made for this year.
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  • Paychex Policy Update Bulletin

    Read about the different federal and state policy updates that could affect your business.
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