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laptop with screen on Paychex Flex dashboard

What’s New for February 2024 Product Release

Our latest platform releases in Paychex Flex® are focused on improving the digital HR user experience with features designed to provide:

  • Future-focused analytics
  • Retirement readiness
  • Flexible payment options
  • Reporting solutions and more

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A Day in the Life of an HR Manager

Leah can now use powerful and predictive HR data to make more well-informed decisions. A new onboarding workflow helps her collect information on potential tax credits, while payment options offer her greater flexibility in processing payroll. Leah’s employees can thrive, too, with new retirement tracking tools.

 A day in the life of HR manager video cover
Day in the Life of an HR Manager (February 2024)

Product Release Categories: What They Mean For You

product introduction icon

Product Introduction

New Paychex technology solutions are introduced to address clients’ unique business needs as payroll and HR evolve, accompanied by in-app education and instruction to incorporate the product into your operations successfully.

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Major Enhancement

Noticeable improvements are made to existing features in Paychex Flex, expanding the platform’s capabilities and offering you more tools to achieve business goals.

feature release icon

Feature Release

Additional features or enhancements are made to existing areas of the platform to improve overall user experience and efficiency while remaining at the front of the ever-changing technology landscape.

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Minor Update

Subtle technology refinements are built to maintain a secure, best-in-class technology solution in the market, ultimately providing you with long-term value.

Product Introduction

HR Analytics Premium

This new product offering helps transform data into meaningful insights, answers, and solutions for your business. HR Analytics Premium provides guided analysis on workforce distribution and cost, turnover, retention, and pay.

HR Analytics Premium Plus (Coming later this year)

This new product offering builds on the HR Analytics Premium features and provides guided analysis and insights on workforce distribution and cost, turnover, retention, and pay with the addition of compensation benchmarks.

Flex Analytics Screenshot for Feb 2024 release

Major Enhancements

woman checking her retirement account on Paychex Flex mobile

Retirement Readiness Tools

Your employees can access a goal tracker that projects their potential monthly income in retirement. This interactive calculator can help them proactively plan for a more stable future.

Woman starting WOTC survey on desktop

Maximize valuable tax credits when integrating the WOTC survey into the onboarding process.

Feature Releases

Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Reporting
To help your business stay current with the ever-changing federal requirements, we offer a reporting solution to help you file the necessary reports with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Flexible Payment Options
Having prompt and flexible payment options is essential to successful business operations. That’s why we offer multiple options, such as Same-Day ACH and Real-Time Payments.

laptop with paychex flex screen

Minor Updates

  • Form I-9 Added to People Menu
  • Payroll & Garnishment Hold Improvements
  • PEO Payroll Hold Improvements
  • Responsibility to Remit Communication Enhancement Taxpay
minor upgrades on winter 2024 release - screenshot

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