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an hr manager using the new paychex flock product releases

Unleash the Potential in Your People, Business, and Future.

One HR Tech Platform. Experience the Capabilities.

Follow three key players in a typical business experience as they utilize the features offered in Paychex Flex in the journey from onboarding to retaining top talent in today’s market. 

Paychex research has shown:

  • Three out of four clients surveyed said they have shortened the time required for recruiting, screening, tracking, and onboarding of new employees through using Paychex Flex.
  • An average time savings of 26% was reported by those clients that reported a shortened timeframe. For example, a client’s two-month recruiting and hiring cycle could be reduced to six weeks.

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A Day in the Life of a New Hire

From applying, to onboarding, selecting benefits, and more, follow Amy as she starts her new job and see how our solutions help empower new employees and set them up for long-term success.​

A Day in the Life of a Hiring Manager 

Evan knows it’s just as important for hiring managers to find and keep good people as it is to focus on customers and business goals. Using Paychex Flex, managers like Evan have the ability to view job applications, create schedules, approve timecards, verify pay and benefits, assign employee trainings, and provide meaningful feedback all in one platform.

a day in the life of a hiring manager

A Day in the Life of an HR Manager

See how the efficiency and automation of Paychex Flex helps HR professionals like Leah wear many hats and make faster, smarter decisions. Watch as Leah uses our solutions to make her daily tasks easier as she quickly accesses job postings, onboarding processes, payroll, benefits administration, and employee feedback, all in one platform.

a day in the life of an hr manager

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