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Paychex Flex on a mobile phone

Discover the Simplicity of Paychex Flex®

Take a look at our Paychex Flex demonstrations below, and you'll quickly see the many HR, payroll, and benefits tasks you'll be able to handle when, where and how you want.

Desktop Application Overview

  • An All-In-One HCM Solution

    An All-In-One HCM Solution

    Built on a single platform, using a single data profile for each employee that serves as the master source for all transactions, Paychex Flex ensures real-time accuracy across every one of its robust, customizable applications.

    all in one HCM solution
  • See Your Most Important Information at a Glance

    See Your Most Important Information at a Glance

    The main dashboard gives you the most frequently accessed information right at your fingertips, helping you make insightful decisions while saving you time. Quickly access analytics and reports, current payroll info, and more.

  • Enter Payroll Quickly and Easily

    Enter Payroll Quickly and Easily

    With Paychex' pay entry grid view, you can work faster and more efficiently. You'll fly through data entry, including editing an employee's hours and rate. Customize what and who you see by using Layouts and Filters. Your changes are automatically saved as you go.

    Enter payroll quickly
  • Access for You and Your Employees

    Access for You and Your Employees

    Spend less time answering employees’ questions by giving them controlled access to their payroll information online, including check stubs, time-off summaries, tax documents, and more. Empower your employees to edit their personal information, request tax changes, and more. You as the administrator will have the ability to review and approve changes before they are final.

    Access for you and your employees
  • Automate Your Time and Attendance Tracking

    Automate Your Time and Attendance Tracking

    Enroll with one of our online timekeeping solutions that fully integrates with your Paychex payroll to help ensure accuracy and give employees the option to clock in and out right from their dashboard or our mobile app.

    Flex time tracking
  • Experience Retirement Made Easy

    Experience Retirement Made Easy

    You and your employees can enroll with ease, access your accounts through the online portal or mobile app, get personalized quarterly statements, use the retirement calculator to check plan progress, and get personalized investment advice from third party experts. You’ll have access to review employee retirement contributions and monitor plan participation.

    Retirement in Flex
  • Drive Better Decisions with Powerful Reporting and Analytics

    Drive Better Decisions with Powerful Reporting and Analytics

    Run a smarter business with more than 160 standard reports and dashboards, plus the flexibility of fully customizable and configurable workforce analytics. Access interactive reporting with the Live Reports feature to get on-screen feedback and insights into your organization.

    reporting and analytics in Flex
  • Manage Your People

    Manage Your People

    The People List lets you set up new employees via a few streamlined steps and allows you to manage your workers from anywhere in Flex. You can also view and manage documents and see active and past performance evaluations.

    manage people in Flex
  • Manage All Your Employee Benefits from One Place

    Manage All Your Employee Benefits from One Place

    With Paychex Flex, you can easily manage your company’s group health insurance, section 125 plans, retirement, and other employee benefits from a single integrated platform with full mobile functionality. We work with you the way you want to work.

    manage employee benefits

Employee self service demo