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It is never too early to begin saving for retirement. To help understand how valuable compounding interest can be toward your future savings, enter a few data points into this retirement savings calculator and see where you could be down the road using a 401(k) program. This retirement calculator gives you results based on conservative, historic data on performance.

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Step 1: About You

Begin with information about you, including your annual salary, the state you reside in, your current age, and the age you aim to retire.
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Play with the numbers below to see things like what your savings could be like if you changed your monthly contribution or wanted to retire earlier

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Step 2: About Your Savings

Enter what you have currently saved, how much you could put in a monthly contribution to a 401(k), and how much your employer/the business owner may match.

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These calculations are provided for illustrative purposes only, and should only be used as a guideline. They are not representative of past or future performance and not a replacement for professional financial planning advice. Actual investment results will vary.