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State Unemployment Insurance Calculator

Maintaining an active approach to State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) tax rates can help ensure you are not only compliant, but not spending more than you must. There are steps you can take to appraise your premiums, including using this simple SUI calculator to determine potential savings.

In this easy-to-use calculator, enter your:

  • Number of employees
  • Average annual salary per employee
  • State your business is headquartered in
  • Current SUI rate
  • Possible SUI rate

Understanding how to calculate SUI takes in a lot of factors. An established HR partner with SUI specialists can help you navigate this process. Reach out to your partners at Paychex to get your questions expertly answered.

Annual Potential SUI Savings


Based on 2019 Wage Base limits by state.
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Number of Employees
Average Annual Salary per Employee
Current SUI Rate
Possible SUI Rate