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laptop with time and attendance screenshot from paychex flex

What’s New for May 2024 Product Release

Our latest platform releases in Paychex Flex® focus on improving efficiency across your organization through:

  • Increased time and attendance capabilities
  • Streamlined employee onboarding
  • Indeed® Easy Apply application sync
  • Automated learning course enrollment

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A Day in the Life of an HR Manager

Leah now has even more tools to help her organization thrive. She can attract top talent with a seamless hiring process in Indeed and have them quickly complete onboarding with automated reminders. Plus, she can simplify manual tasks during time tracking and online learning enrollment.

a day in the life of an HR manager video cover
Day in the Life of an HR Manager (May 24)

Major Enhancement: Time and Attendance

Several updates have been made to maximize efficiency, reporting, and tracking hours worked.

paychex essentials screenshot

Paychex Flex Time Essentials

We have added more features to this solution, including additional pay policies and holidays to provide key functions for small businesses.

time off management screenshot

Time Off Management

Admins now have an improved user experience when creating default timecard settings and saving them as default options within Paychex Flex.

Time and Attendance hub screenshot

Time and Attendance Hub

Seven major enhancements to the time and attendance hub allow admins to efficiently assess their workforce, identify concerns, and proceed accordingly.

timecard batch actions screenshot

Timecard Batch Actions

Admins can now perform mass timecard actions in Paychex Flex, which will help reduce manual effort while saving them time.

Feature Releases

Paychex Learning Enhanced – Smart Groups

Admins can now automate content enrollments to alleviate the process of manually assigning courses. They can create these “smart groups” based on different attributes set in People.

LMS Journey with Paychex

Onboarding Enhancements

An automated email notification will remind employees to complete their onboarding tasks during their registration process for Paychex Flex. Admins can also select employees and initiate the Form I-9 process from within the People Menu.

new employee with onboarding screen on cellphone

Paychex Flex Hiring – Indeed Easy Apply Sync

Candidates can now use Easy Apply on Indeed and sync their already stored information in Indeed into Paychex Flex for a simplified hiring process.

woman applying to a job on her smartphone

Global Payroll Partnership – Payworks and PeoplePay Global

We have partnered with two additional payroll providers to better serve customers with international hiring needs.

international HR team in a conference call with another team

Minor Releases

  • Payroll Pay Rate Enhancement (EBIEE Report Writer & DET)
  • Tax ID Registration Service
  • Classic Retirement Experience Removed for Participants
  • Enterprise Client Attributes and Indicators in Company Settings

Product Release Categories: What They Mean For You

product introduction icon

Product Introduction

New Paychex technology solutions are introduced to address clients’ unique business needs as payroll and HR evolve, accompanied by in-app education and instruction to incorporate the product into your operations successfully.

major enhancement icon

Major Enhancement

Noticeable improvements are made to existing features in Paychex Flex, expanding the platform’s capabilities and offering you more tools to achieve business goals.

feature release icon

Feature Release

Additional features or enhancements are made to existing areas of the platform to improve overall user experience and efficiency while remaining at the front of the ever-changing technology landscape.

minor update icon

Minor Update

Subtle technology refinements are built to maintain a secure, best-in-class technology solution in the market, ultimately providing you with long-term value.

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