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business owner reviewing their digital hr dashboard

Unleash the Potential in Your People, Business, and Future.

One HR Tech Platform. Experience the Capabilities.

Learn how three key players in a typical business are utilizing the solutions featured in our Summer 2022 Launch to help their company succeed.

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A Day in the Life of an HR Manager

See how Debra, a human resources administrator at a restaurant, uses Paychex Flex to welcome three new employees, help one worker submit for a pay increase, and show employees a snapshot of their pay and benefits all in one place.

A day in the life of an HR manager with Paychex Flex
A Day in the Life of an HR Manager

Pivot, Scale, and Adapt for a Better Workplace Experience

flex mobile view of onboarding

Tasks (Onboarding) 

Welcome new employees and make a great first impression with fully online onboarding tools that help make it easier to communicate, assign onboarding tasks, and acclimate new hires to your business culture.

flex desktop view of how to leave comments on a document

Review Issues and Incidents & Document Request

Take your HR technology to the next level by creating your own performance reviews, getting employees to e-sign important paperwork through Document Management, and tracking critical communications through Conversations.

flex desktop view of reporting

Compensation Summary Report

Generate a report for employees that can include health insurance, retirement, bonus, and miscellaneous benefits as a reminder of their compensation package.

A Day in the Life of a Manager

Follow Charles, manager of a 10-employee team at a large company, as he uses Paychex Flex to assign peer reviews, identify employees at risk of leaving the company, and compare industry-wide salaries for his employees.

Day in the life of a manager with Paychex Flex
A Day in the Life of a Manager

Technology to Help You Focus on People and Payroll

manager entering performance reviews

Performance Management

Get help tracking and managing employee performance more effectively, so your workforce stays focused and connected.

flex desktop view of retention insight

Retention Insights

This report, based on 31 unique factors, uses predictive analytics to help you identify employees who may be more likely to consider leaving your company.

flex desktop view of benchmarking

Pay Benchmarking

A live report that shows compensation details for your positions and compares them with other companies.

flex desktop view of how to request a pay raise

Submitting a Request for a Pay Increase

Communicate critical information in real time through Paychex Flex. Employees can ask questions, submit requests, report incidents and more, all from their desktop or mobile device.

A Day in the Life of an Employee

Watch as Paula, an employee at a dental office, completes an assigned online training from her manager and double-checks that her quarterly bonus is accurately reflected in her paycheck.

Day in the life of an employee
A Day in the Life of an Employee

Seamless Self-Service From Any Device, Anywhere

an employee doing lms training

LMS Training

Train your employees on business skills, human resources, and leadership with our easy-to-use web-based learning management system (LMS), which includes an extensive content library and the ability to add and track your own training.

paychex precheck mobile view

Paychex Pre-Check

Leverage the combination of payroll and time and attendance to simplify payroll by providing employees the ability to preview and approve their gross-to-net calculations before payroll is processed.

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