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Digital W-2 Dashboard on Paychex Flex

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In today’s competitive labor market, it’s more important than ever to create an environment where your employees feel happy, motivated, and engaged. Our latest updates to our award-winning Paychex Flex® platform are designed to further enhance the employee experience by adding to and streamlining a variety of self-service options that empower your top talent.

Paychex research has shown:

  • Nearly three out of four U.S. employees say they prefer to accomplish HR tasks on their own using self-service tools.
  • 29% of HR professionals report they save between 60 and 120 hours annually by providing employees with self-service capabilities.

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State Taxes

Taxes are one of the only guarantees in life, but that doesn’t make them less tedious. To help you and your employees with easier and more accurate state tax set-up and reporting, we created a seamless workflow that allows new and existing employees to view, input, and update tax information themselves, as well as E-sign any needed documentation.

State Taxes made easy with Paychex Flex

W-2 Employee Online Consent

Our updated W-2 consent options allow employees to choose to receive their W-2 exclusively online, complying with IRS regulations. From there, our new W-2 Online Consent Report will show HR administrators how each of their employees would like to receive their W-2 forms for quick and efficient reference, simplifying the process to gather and store their employee’s consent.

Digital w-2 consent form with Paychex Flex

Learning Management System Training Journeys

According to a recent Paychex study, 50% of employees rank more opportunities for skills development as one of the top perks that would make them more likely to stay at their organization long-term. We’re making it easier for employers to meet the career needs of their workforce with updates to our online Learning Management System (LMS). From onboarding to compliance training and professional development programs, administrators can create a seamless learning journey for their employees, selecting the training material for them to complete in a specialized path – fostering their employees’ career growth.

LMS Journey with Paychex

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