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Security Notice: Be Aware of Fake Paychex Flex® Login Pages

November 1, 2023: Bad actors are always looking for new ways to steal usernames and passwords. One technique bad actors employ is to create a look-a-like website login page that they use to steal their victim’s username and password. Often, the page’s web address will have minor misspellings to make it harder for the victim to determine it’s fake.

As you’re logging into Paychex Flex, it's important that you follow some simple guidelines to help make sure you’re protecting your Paychex Flex account:

  1. When logging into Paychex Flex using your browser, use one of the following URLs. Any URLs other than these two are not correct or affiliated with Paychex: 

    If you're accessing Paychex Flex via the mobile app, make sure you’ve downloaded the official version from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Always use the highest level of multi-factor authentication (MFA) available. While it may be an extra step or two, taking them goes a long way in helping to prevent bad actors from gaining the access they’re after.
  3. Be sure the antivirus software on your device(s) is updated to the latest version. 

    If you believe your Paychex account has been compromised and you are an admin on the account, contact your Paychex Service Professional for next steps. If you are not an admin on your Paychex account, contact your employer for assistance.

If you’d like more information on good security practices, please visit