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Alaska Compliance and Regulatory Resources

Business owners spend around 74 hours each year maintaining regulatory compliance.1 Paychex works to simplify business compliance in Alaska. Check out some state resources that may help your business to understand and comply with ever-changing regulations in Alaska.

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State Tax Rates and Limits

State Supplemental Withholding Rate*

Alaska does not have an individual income tax, so no employee withholding for state income tax is required.

State Unemployment Taxable Wage Base Limit


State Unemployment Rate Range for Employers

1.00% to 5.4% (Alaska has an employee contribution rate of 0.51% that is not included in this rate)

State Unemployment New Employer Rate

1.00% to 5.4% (Alaska has an employee contribution rate of 0.50% that is not included in this rate)

State Hourly Minimum Wage


State Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees


AK wage and hour information

State Tax ID Registration

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Registration

  • Registration instructions for Alaska SUI
    • Registration may take 3 to 5 business days to process with a format of XXXXXXX (7 digits) or XXXXXXXX (8 digits).
    • Email your registration confirmation and Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement to your Paychex Service Professional.

Entering your account numbers in Paychex Flex: Enter your new account number in your Paychex Flex® account to ensure that your Paychex account is updated and email your registration confirmation document to your Paychex Service Professional.

Workplace Safety


Alaska has an OSHA-approved state plan that covers private-sector employment with some exceptions, including federal employees. Federal OSHA covers issues not covered by the Alaska State Plan.

Workers' Compensation

Coverage is mandatory for the employers with any employees

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