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The HR Revolution with Gene Marks and Tom Hammond


This three-part video series takes a look at how HR leaders have embraced change with the right employees, technology, and talent. Tom Hammond, vice president, corporate strategy and product management for Paychex, and Gene Marks from the Washington Post discuss the importance that technology and mobile-enabled workforces have played in HR's transformation.


Part 1: Skills to Look for When Hiring an HR Executive
Watch as Gene Marks and Tom Hammond discuss what type of HR director you should be looking for when hiring for the role. You’ll also find out how to pull people with the right skills to your careers site and how to present your company in a way that helps convince them it’s the place to be.

Part 2: HR Leaders Then and Now: The Transformation of HR
In this short video, you’ll see how the role of HR leaders has changed, especially since the early 2000s, in terms of talent acquisition and the use of business analytics to drive a more strategic role in their business. Gene Marks of the Washington Post and Tom Hammond, vice president, corporate strategy and product management for Paychex take you from the days when HR meant payroll, to the transformation that has led to a new generation of strategic HR leaders.

Part 3: The Rise of the Mobile-Enabled Workforce
See how technology has changed how employees engage with human resources in this short video with Gene Marks from the Washington Post and Paychex vice president, corporate strategy and product management Tom Hammond. Today’s mobile employees have changed how companies collaborate and manage their workforce. Learn why it’s important to have the right HR technology in place to enable employees to take responsibility for their own information, and free HR leaders to focus more on business strategy.

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