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Web Linking Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below govern your linkage to and your usage of the Paychex trade name (herein referred to as the Paychex "name"), logo, and company description. Paychex reserves the right to change these terms, at any time, without notice and at its sole discretion. By linking to, using the Paychex name, company description, and/or accessing, downloading, and using the Paychex logo, you agree to all terms within the following applicable areas:

Linking to the Paychex Website

  • Linking the Paychex name or logo to a Paychex URL other than without prior written consent from Paychex is prohibited.
  • Paychex will not be denoted on your website in any way that is misleading or that falsely implies sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of your organization and its products or services.
  • You may not make any negative or disparaging remarks about Paychex, its officers, directors, employees, or its products or services on your website, or otherwise unfavorably compare Paychex to other payroll companies.
  • Paychex reserves the right to periodically review your website and direct you to take the appropriate action(s) to correct any conditions regarding the Paychex name, logo, or company description, and your link to, or discontinue their usage for any reason.
  • You acknowledge the validity of Paychex's ownership in all Paychex logos and/or trademarks.
  • You may not include any references of Paychex, Paychex, Inc., or its registered trademarks within the Meta content of your Web page.
  • Paychex does not provide reciprocal links for the sole purpose of improving a site's link popularity or search engine ranking.
  • Paychex reserves the right to change or update its logo and URLs, at any time, without notice and at its sole discretion. Should Paychex change or update its logo you agree to change your use of the Paychex name and logo to reflect the modification within ten (10) business days of Paychex notifying you of said change.

Using the Paychex Name

  • Use of the Paychex name (not the logo) in your content should appear in regular uppercase and lowercase type as "Paychex, Inc." or "Paychex®" the first time it appears in the copy. It is not to be presented in italics, bold, or all caps.
  • Use of the Paychex name when accompanied by its logo can simply appear as Paychex. Use regular uppercase and lowercase type, and do not present the Paychex name in italics, bold, or all caps.

Using the Paychex Logo

  • Use of the Paychex logo as described herein shall be for informational purposes only and shall not convey any ownership or transfer rights.
  • The official Paychex logo, as provided, must not be modified or altered in any way, except proportionally resized to no smaller than 90 pixels wide, or no larger than 220 pixels wide.
  • The Paychex logo should not be contained in a sentence where it replaces the word Paychex or appear so as to "read off" the logo. Regular uppercase and lowercase type should be used as indicated above when using the Paychex name.
  • The Paychex logo shall not be distributed on printed items and is to be used only in connection with your website.
  • Other type may not overlap or extend from the Paychex logo; the logo should never be partially obscured.
  • Other type should be a distance of at least one half the height of the Paychex logo away from the logo.

Using the Paychex Company Description

  • Modifying or altering Paychex-provided company descriptions is prohibited.
  • All appropriate trademarks or copyright notices contained within the company descriptions must be displayed at all times.

Copyright and Trademark

You agree that Paychex owns all rights, title, and interest, including, but not limited to copyright, trademark, and all other intellectual property rights, in the Paychex name and logo. If you are ever held or deemed to be the owner of any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights in the Paychex name and logo then you hereby irrevocably assigns to Paychex all such rights, title, and interest. Client agrees to execute all documents necessary to implement and confirm the letter and intent of this Section.


Paychex may terminate this Web Linking Program immediately for any reason. Upon termination of this Web Linking Program you agree to immediately stop using the Paychex name and logo on your website and to remove all links to the Paychex Website.