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A Simple Way to Show Your Clients the Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

No one knows your clients better than you, and Paychex can help recommend solutions that best fit their needs. Through extensive research within the accounting community, Paychex has created a Web-based tool that allows you to email your clients a short video of the benefits of outsourcing with Paychex. This tool can help you have a more proactive and consultative role when working with clients.

What can you find on the Explore Paychex Website?

  • A short video about outsourcing with Paychex and the onboarding process.
  • Accountant tools including an outsourcing checklist, customizable Explore emails and letters, banners for your Website, and brochures.
  • Facts about the benefits of outsourcing and why choose Paychex.

Visit http://explore.paychex.com and refer your clients today!