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Enhance Your Advisory Role with the and Paychex Partner Program

Your clients need guidance to navigate today’s changing regulatory landscape. Join the and Paychex Partner Program and build on your status as trusted advisor with the knowledge and experience of the preferred HR, payroll, and retirement provider for — a division of AICPA.

A Win for You and Your Clients

Accounting professionals want to continually evolve and expand their practice. Clients want to grow their business and improve their bottom line. The and Paychex Partner Program can help both you and your clients reach your goals. Exceed client expectations and elevate your strategic advisory services by partnering with industry-leading experts offering scalable solutions in HR, payroll, 401(k) planning and more.

  • When you join the program, your clients receive exclusive benefits offered only to accountant referrals: One month of free Paychex payroll, HR, and retirement services
  • Six-month, money-back satisfaction guarantee for payroll and retirement services*
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Strengthen Your Status as Most Trusted Business Advisor

Outsourcing client HR administration, payroll, and retirement, can lead to enhanced consultative opportunities and a more proactive approach to identifying client needs and challenges. Partnering with an industry expert can help create the freedom to engage with such higher-margin services that assist in the growth of your firm.

Accounting regulatory column

“The big selling point for me was that the retirement plan could be totally integrated with payroll at a minimal cost. Moving to Paychex meant that the administrative tasks of managing a retirement plan were taken off my desk. Now, I don’t even have to think about it.”

Charles Treviso, CPA/PFS, CFE
Yaeger, Treviso & Associates Inc.

Choose the Retirement Plan Selected by AICPA

By joining the AICPA 401(k) Plans for Firms Member Benefit — the retirement solution for AICPA members — your firm and its employees can gain significant advantages.

Cost savings

Set-up fees significantly reduced for your 401(k) and AICPA firm members can enjoy exclusive pricing of an affordable plan.

Investment flexibility

Choose from a range of more than 9,000 investment options offered by more than 200 investment companies.

Peace of mind

Enjoy seamless payroll integration and auto-contributions, plus state-of-the-art fee transparency.

Additional benefits

With vesting and matching options, the firm gains a key recruitment and retention tool, plus it may reduce taxable income and tax liability.

“It was important for us to have a plan in place to protect the financial future of the people who were willing to make the leap and work with us, especially when we were just starting out. Plus, we knew it would be an essential benefit for attracting and retaining staff in the future.”

John Blackmon, CPA
TBK, Tax and Business Consulting