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2018 Post-Filing Season Update

2018 Post-Filing Season Update

Check out the latest Tax Briefing from CCH, highlighting the tax day glitch, tax reform, tax extensions, and more. Find more assets like this in the Accountant Knowledge Center.

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2018 Master Tax Guide

U.S. Master Tax Guide

This publication, which Paychex distributes at year-end to select accounting professionals, provides fast and reliable answers to tax-related questions, along with precise explanations of new rules established by court decisions and the IRS.

Both the hard-copy and online versions are available through your Paychex sales representative or in the Accountant Knowledge Center (AKC).

Log into the AKC to access the guide online and stay current with post-publication developments. New information is added daily and powered by our partners at CCH.

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Paychex Reference Guide for Accountants 2017 Year-End, 2018 Taxbrief

This guide contains important information to help you and your clients prepare for year-end, as well as critical 2018 payroll tax deposit rules, regulations, and deadlines.  

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Accountant Research: Human Resources White Paper

Businesses today face more regulatory and HR demands than ever before. Is your firm positioned to meet these client needs?

Paychex and commissioned SourceMedia Research to conduct a survey among 379 public accountants who work with clients with fewer than 50 employees to identify trends and opportunities for accountants in HR services and employee benefits.

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2018 Federal Tax Key Facts and Figures

2018 Federal Tax Key Facts and Figures

This valuable tool provides quick reference information that CPAs will find useful throughout the year, such as tax rates and deduction information.

The Key Facts and Figures Card is authored by CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business.

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Depreciation card 2018

2018 Depreciation Key Facts and Figures

This quick guide provides current depreciation rate information in one handy, easy-to-use reference. This resource reflects the latest standard mileage rates, declining balance rates, bonus depreciation rates, code sec. 179 expensing, depreciation periods for common assets and businesses, depreciation recapture, and much more.

The Depreciation Facts and Figures Card is authored by CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business.

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Global Tax Rates

Global Tax Rates

This handy global corporate income tax rate reference card provides indispensable corporate tax rate information for 90 countries, in one handy, easy to use reference tool. This resource reflects current corporate income tax rates, as well as historical corporate income tax rates going back 12 years, for both resident and nonresident corporate taxpayers. Tax advisors and clients alike will appreciate this information-packed resource that is easy to read and convenient to carry.

The Global Facts and Figures Card is authored by CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business.

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Payroll Calendar 2018

2018 Payroll Calendar

Easily keep track of important dates, including bank closings, end of quarter processing, and national and religious holidays, with our payroll calendar.

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