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Regulatory updates for accountants

Help your clients comply with business regulations

Paychex continuously monitors regulations that could have a significant impact on your clients' payroll, taxes, and retirement plans. It’s just one of the many ways we proactively work to help you and your clients succeed.

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SECURE Act is a Benefit Now, in Future

Advise clients on the benefits of offering a retirement plan, including potential tax credits, the advantage a plan has on recruiting and retaining talent, and helping employees save for a dignified retirement. Read the article

2020 Form W-4 Has Significant Changes

Help clients understand the changes to the Employee Withholding Certificate and how they can answer employee questions on how to fill out the new form. Read the article

10 Top Regulatory Issues for Businesses in 2020

The new year will bring more regulations for businesses. Find out what some of these top regulatory issues are for 2020 that might impact your clients. Read the article

DOL Releases Final Rule to Clarify Regular Rate

The final rule, “Regular Rate Under the Fair Labor Standards Act,” updates regulations regarding the type of benefits that must be included in an employee’s “regular rate of pay.” Read the article

Final Federal Overtime Rule Adopted

The U.S. Department of Labor adopted the Final Overtime Rule that expands current federal overtime regulations. For many companies, it might change the amount of their payroll or alter their workforce. 

Valuable Resources on Paychex WORX

Paychex WORX is your source for the latest developments on tax reform and other issues impacting businesses.

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Client HR compliance analysis tool

Client HR Compliance Analysis

Paychex has built this highly actionable tool to provide accountants a tremendous opportunity to become more active in HR services. Ask clients the questions on this worksheet — in an advisory (and billable) setting — to help diagnose potential HR issues they may need to address to stay compliant.

It covers common problem areas such as:

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Managing employees
  • Workplace safety
  • Wage and hour regulations
  • Non-harassment
  • Workplace violence
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Client HR Compliance Analysis – Accounting Professional Resource

Client HR Compliance Analysis – Accounting Professional Resource

This accompanying piece to the Client HR Compliance Analysis provides you with guidance on what to listen for from your clients as they respond to the topics addressed in the diagnostic tool.

Download now (PDF)
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