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Paychex Accountant Knowledge Center

The Accountant Knowledge Center (AKC) provides free online tools and resources to help you enhance your professional development and run your practice.

Welcome to the AKC

Get an overview and tutorial on how to navigate the AKC to find free management tools and resources for accounting professionals that can help enhance consultations with clients and may elevate your firm.

What You’ll Find in the AKC

With Wolters Kluwer providing relevant and timely information that can be filtered and searched by state, the AKC can help accounting professionals answer key business questions, increase productivity, and enhance client relationships.

  • Online U.S. Master Tax Guide® — authoritative tax resource
  • Online CPE courses — library of self-study courses that earn you free CPE credits upon completion
  • Sales and use tax rate changes chart
  • State taxability matrices
  • Payroll state and local withholding rules — interactive forms and research tools
  • State and federal employment law compare — state law summaries and wage tax information
  • Interactive Federal and State Forms Library

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the AKC cost?

    How much does the AKC cost?

    There is no cost to use the AKC.

  • Who has access to the AKC?

    Who has access to the AKC?

    Any accounting professional in the firm who completes AKC registration has access through their own account with a username (their email) and password.

  • How do I register for the AKC?

    How do I register for the AKC?

    It’s simple. Go to the AKC registration page and answer a few questions and provide your information.

  • Are online CPE courses free?

    Are online CPE courses free?

    Yes, you can choose five free courses per year on any topic, most for multiple CPE credits. You can get 20-plus CPE credits just from the AKC, more than half of what your state requires per year. Select from a library of more than 300 courses, including accounting, tax, ethics and more.

  • What other resources does Paychex offer?

    What other resources does Paychex offer?

    Earn free continuing education credits through our webinars and self-study courses. Use Paychex Tax Facts to customize federal and state payroll and retirement rate information for specific states. Plus, gain access to accounting publications that can help you deliver value to clients, stay current with regulatory updates, and download current federal and state tax forms.

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