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Payroll Acquisition Program for Accountants

The Payroll Acquisition Program for Accountants provides accounting professionals a business opportunity. By selling your book to Paychex, you can gain relief from the time-consuming task of payroll processing and focus more effort on strategic and profitable client services.

Why process payroll for clients?

A survey1 conducted by Paychex revealed:

  • Only 15% of accountants process payroll for profit

  • The other 85% offer payroll processing to fulfill a client request or to have access to payroll data

It’s simple really. By having Paychex process payroll for your clients, you fulfill their needs and gain access to payroll data. Use the time savings to enhance your consultations and elevate your advisory role.

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Why Your Firm Should Not Offer Payroll

No two firms are alike but there are common reasons to sell your book and leave payroll processing to the experts:

  • Unlock capital and time to invest in strategic growth
  • Streamline your practice in anticipation of retirement or succession
  • Avoid the liability of maintaining compliance with payroll regulations
  • Turnover of your payroll staff

Paychex Can Transition Your Firm Out of the Payroll Business

Backed by more than 45 years of industry expertise, Paychex serves more than 680,000 payroll clients and pays one out of every 12 American private-sector employees. We’re proven and trusted.

Effortless conversion process

We’ll develop an optimum, tailored conversion plan and your clients will experience our market-leading onboarding process.

Accountant specific service model

You’ll gain full access to client payroll data using AccountantHQ. Plus, you’ll benefit from general ledger integration with popular accounting software and a set of solutions exclusively endorsed by, a division of the AICPA

Superior client service

Your clients will have the opportunity to work with a dedicated specialist, backed by 24/7 support from U.S.-based professionals.

Competitive valuation

Capital you can invest in growing your business or funding your retirement.

Discover the Benefits of Selling Your Book of Payroll Clients

Our acquisition team is waiting to speak with you and answer your questions. Find out how unlocking the value of your payroll business can move you closer to achieving your greater goals.