Employee Access Online

When it comes to payroll, employees can ask a lot of questions. Don't let those questions occupy your time and keep you from focusing on the business at hand. Give employees an easy way to find the answers they need themselves.

Employer Access

  • Convenient, 24/7 online access.
  • Access pay stubs online.
  • Access online W-2.
  • View bank information for direct deposit.
  • Same location as 401(k) and FSA information.
  • Contact data is easily updated.
  • Easy confirmation of employer-initiated employment status, rate of pay/salary, or other changes.
  • Reduces reliance on management for timely information.

Employee Access

  • Spend more time on business, and less on employee questions and requests.
  • Allow employees to conveniently answer their payroll and benefits questions.
  • Reduce paper consumption and clutter.
  • Control employee access and editing rights.
  • Easily set up and administer data and permissions.

Self-Service Convenience

Paychex Employee Access Online allows you and your employees to securely update personal and payroll information, as well as access up to two years of pay stubs and up to four years of W-2s processed by Paychex. Plus, 401(k) and FSA information is also available from the same location.

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