Employee Pay Options

Paychex offers a selection of payment options that include the convenience of direct deposit as well as a variety of traditional paper checks. Choose options that best meet your employees' needs and increase employee satisfaction.

Direct Deposit

Payroll direct deposit is a convenient and safe way to electronically pay your employees on payday. Instead of providing paper checks, we’ll directly deposit payroll funds right into your employees’ accounts. They’ll be able to access their wages right on pay day, without making a trip to the bank. Direct deposit service is safe, fast, and easy...plus, it saves you time and money!

Benefits of Direct Deposit

    • Can save $2.87 to $3.15 per payment in place of paper checks.
    • Speeds check reconciliation. All direct deposit amounts can be reconciled on payday.
    • No checks to be signed.
    • No replacements for lost or damaged checks.
    • Contributes to an emergency plan by paying employees on time in emergency situations.
    • Eliminates trips to the bank. Wages are automatically deposited into employees’ accounts.

Chase Debit Card

Instead of cashing a check into a bank account, employees can have their pay, or a portion of their pay, automatically deposited to a Chase Pay Card Plus. This Visa® debit card allows employees to make purchases without carrying cash, and withdraw funds when needed from more than 900,000 ATMs worldwide.

Benefits of the Chase Debit Card Plus

    • Pay is instantly available on pay day.
    • Eliminates trips to the bank.
    • No credit check required.
    • Online account access.
    • Funds available 24/7 from ATMs.
    • Money is FDIC-insured.
    • Purchases are protect by Visa’s Purchase Protection* and Zero Liability Policies**.

*This protection is valid in cases of theft or damage due to fire, vandalism, accidentally discharged water, or weather. Certain restrictions and limitations may apply. ** U.S.-issued cards only. The Visa Zero Liability Policy does not apply to commercial card or ATM transactions, or to PIN transactions not processed by Visa or Interlink. See the cardholder agreement for more details.

Check Signing/Check Insertion

The Check Signing and Check Insertion services include the option of having payroll checks laser-encoded with the employer's signature and inserted into envelopes ready for distribution to employees. This benefit eliminates the time spent on signing individual checks and doesn't require employers to be onsite on pay day.

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