Paychex FlexSM Time

Paychex Flex Time is a revolutionary time and attendance solution that was built in the cloud for real-time data access, and designed to be exceptionally easy and intuitive to use. It gives you unprecedented visibility and control over your labor costs — helping drive tangible increases in savings, output, and performance. This fully integrated time and attendance solution is powered by stratustime® software.

Create Efficiencies

Drastically reduce the number of steps it takes employees, supervisors, and administrators to complete common tasks, saving valuable time.

  • Time Recording Options. Provide employees with punch in options that fit your business, including web, mobile, or time-clock.
  • Employee Dashboard. Empower employees with easy tools to record time, transfer departments, check schedules, and view time-off balances and requests.
  • Proactive Alert Messaging. Send and receive timely notifications based on automated custom triggers.
  • Time-Off Management. Easily review, submit, and approve time-off requests with calendar sharing. View multiple schedules simultaneously to ensure appropriate staffing.
  • Drag-and-Drop Visual Scheduling. Work quickly and efficiently with color-coded drag-and-drop scheduling. Breaks and meals can be added and controlled dynamically based on the setup of complex company pay policies.
  • Time Card Management. View and edit time cards with just a few clicks.

Achieve Greater Flexibility

  • Mobile Access. Provide employees the ability to punch in and out, enter time, view balances, or submit time-off requests from anywhere. Device options include iOS®, AndroidTM, BlackBerry®, and Windows Mobile®, with no need to install an application.
  • Geolocation. Reduce and eliminate time theft by your mobile employees. With geolocation, an employee’s geographic position is recorded with their punch, even from a remote location. When clicked, the pin icon in their time card entry displays a map showing when and where they punched.