Time and Attendance

Time is money. As a business owner, you're focused on saving both. Take a closer look at how your company manages employee time and attendance to assess where you could be saving. How well is your current system helping you control costs and facilitate efficient work processes?

Paychex time-collecting options — whether by badge, biometric reading, keypad, Web entry, or even smartphone — can help minimize lost-time instances and boost employee productivity. Plus, each of our solutions can be integrated with your payroll service and offers built-in workflows.

Paychex FlexSM Time

Residing in the cloud for real-time data access, and designed to be exceptionally easy to use, Paychex Flex Time gives you visibility and control over your labor costs — helping drive tangible increases in savings, output, and performance.

Paychex PST 1000 Time Clock

For businesses with up to 49 employees, PST 1000 is the versatile approach to automating, collecting, and calculating employee hours.