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Accounting Apps: Stay Organized On The Go!

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  • Last Updated: 10/02/2014
accounting apps
Four ways accounting apps help small business owners deal with the challenge of organizing financial information when they are on the go.

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For businesses that operate outside of traditional premises such as an office or shop, accounting apps offer an excellent opportunity to stay organized when offsite. Whether on the road or at a client's location, a mobile accounting program that can be accessed on a device or smartphone gives business owners and staff a full suite of accounting capabilities right at their fingertips. Here are a few ways that accounting apps keep finances in order for people on the go.

1. Easily enter expenses

What can be simpler than taking a picture of a receipt that is then uploaded into a cloud-based accounting system? Mobile accounting lets users immediately capture an image of a receipt and enter the expense into the appropriate category. It removes the need to save and then organize easy-to-lose small slips of paper when busy users are on jobs out in the field.

2. Simple dashboard

A good accounting app doesn't require extensive accounting experience. It offers a simple, intuitive dashboard that is easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find the screens they need and input or access the data needed with a few simple steps.

Small business owners often get frustrated when they must deal with the accounting headaches that can arise from complicated software programs — programs that call for extensive training prior to using them. A well-designed accounting app depends on a basic dashboard that's easy to see and use on mobile devices.

3. Access accounting information from anywhere

Making financial decisions on the go can be difficult without all the necessary information at hand. An accounting app takes care of this because it lets users see the contents of their online accounting programs from wherever they may be — at a bank, a supplier, or even an auction. There’s no need to delay decisions because finding the relevant figures requires a trip back to the office.

4. Mobile accounting organization

Real-time accounting applications help businesses stay organized because they remove the need to return to a desktop computer in a fixed location to enter details of transactions after they occur. This time delay in entering financial information into a traditional system increases the chances of losing or forgetting important facts. Instead, details are recorded and organized immediately when entered into the accounting apps.

Mobile accounting apps allow today's entrepreneurs to stay on top of their finances and keep them organized whether they're working in the office or on the road. This allows them to focus on the business of running their businesses, instead of worrying about creating and submitting invoices and expenses, or spending precious time learning complicated accounting software programs.


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